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Police Escort Black Merit Scholar Out of Graduation After Refusing to Remove Kente Cloth

Courtesy of Nyree Holmes

Courtesy of Nyree Holmes

An 18-year-old Black student was removed from graduation after he refused to take off his kente cloth. Nyree Holmes attended the diverse but predominately white Cosumnes Oaks High School in Elk Grove, California. In a story he shared on Twitter May 24, the merit scholar says he was able to walk across the stage, but police officers greeted him at the other end.






Holmes shared the story after he was escorted out from Sleep Train Arena by three Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department officers. He tells Atlanta Black Star it was important for him to wear the traditional African print because as a “descendant of slaves, I have no firm connection to my roots in Africa.”

“I wanted to wear my kente cloth as a representation of my pride in my ancestors, to display my cultural and religious heritage,” he continues. “As my particular cloth was made by Christians in Ghana, where the kente cloth has been worn by royalty and during important ceremonies for hundreds if not thousands of years.”

The graduate says his parents were shocked the school had police remove him from the ceremony, adding he was greeted with a mix of positive and negative reactions on Twitter.

“I have received a lot of support and outrage from fellow minorities as well as white people, who see the infringement upon my freedom of expression as appalling and shocking,” he tells ABS. “I have also heard of some rumblings within the school of objection as to how I responded on Twitter, especially my tweet that reached over ten-thousand people, explicitly stating “f—- Cosumnes Oaks High School.”

He later deleted the tweet.

As far as future plans, Holmes will attend California State University, Fullerton this fall. He will major in cinema arts “to achieve my dream of becoming an impactful film director.”

If other students are in a similar situation this graduation season, the future filmmaker advises them to stand up for their beliefs and be true to themselves.

“I would also tell them to look upon the horrific experiences of those involved in the Civil Rights Movement in the ’60s for inspiration and the fact that we cannot stop seeking equality,” he says. “If we are forced to wear the European cap and gowns [then] we should be able to wear the African Kente Cloth.”


The Elk Grove Unified School District issued a news release May 27 addressing Holmes’ removal from the ceremony.

“During a high school graduation ceremony held at the Sleep Train Arena located in Sacramento, CA on May 24, 2016, a Cosumnes Oaks High School (COHS) student was prohibited from participating in the remainder of the school’s graduation ceremony for refusing to follow direction of school officials who were attempting to uphold the established dress code and for ignoring repeated requests to remove unauthorized non-school award regalia.”

The statement went on to read “the District regrets how events unfolded in this instance; however there was no intent to discriminate against the student, as the same rules apply to every graduate.”

It continues:

“The student was allowed to walk across the stage to be recognized and took a formal picture with the principal wearing the Kente cloth. Later, the student was allowed to return to the area where students received their diplomas. The student was given his diploma.

“The District’s approved graduation uniform is a cap and gown. Students may wear, stoles, cords or medals that have been earned and awarded to students at prior ceremonies.  Unfortunately, prior to the COHS graduation ceremony, school officials were not given the opportunity to discuss with the family the student’s desire to wear the cloth.”

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103 thoughts on “Police Escort Black Merit Scholar Out of Graduation After Refusing to Remove Kente Cloth

  1. That's really messed up smh

  2. Lenny Jones says:

    Black people whatever you do, don't get descourage, and give up! Keep on representing our culture until they see that we are willing to ride, or die for our culture.. For they are trying to make us become submissive to their whlems, like they did our ancestors! Continue to fight the devil's power!

  3. I wonder what would have happened if someone wanted to drape a confederate flag around their neck. Does everybody think that would have been ok?

  4. Because… its a GRADUATION STOLE. smdh.
    When else would you wear such a thing? During the semester?

    Read the story again, this time with less privilege.

  5. Mark Souza says:

    "where the kente cloth has been worn by royalty and during important ceremonies for hundreds if not thousands of years." thats why

  6. I don't understand how this is anything but wrong. If it symbolized hatred or perversion, maybe. But this is just a maybe paying tribute to his ancestry. So sad.

  7. Tim Kim says:

    Eye-opening story, this is an experience no minority should have to experience. I truly like his final statement, "If we are forced to wear the European cap and gowns then we should be able to wear the African Kente Cloth." The point of graduation is to celebrate the completion of school, and in a broader sense, the completion of a stage of life. I am sure the step up to adulthood is celebrated by cultures around the world, and the American cap and gown is just one way of expressing this… the kente cloth and other similar articles of clothing, while unconventional, should certainly be allowed during graduation ceremonies as well.

  8. Larry Hawkins how is that the same thing? A kente cloth is a cultural cloth from Ghana, it only represents Ghana as a cultural identity. A confederate flag represents slavery, oppresion, and bigotry. You're comparing apples and maggots.

  9. Kenneth Ruppert For one, breaking dress code is not a reason to call three sherrifs. for two, the article actually interviewed the student and asked him questions. Your post is all assumptions based on your imagination. Have you read the dress code of this school? Were you there and did you personally observe someone telling him that he was breaking dress code? Were you there and did you personally observe nobody else wearing anything outside their cap and gown? No, you were not. So stop making things up. I know that's really popular for some people to do, but that's now what "the facts" mean. Don't make shit up. Try it, it might open your eyes to something other than your jaded imagination.

  10. Ashley Perez says:

    Larry Hawkins that is NOT the same!!

  11. Jin Jay says:

    Simon De La Cruz quit being a troll, I see you on these post with your anti-blackness, you seriously have a mental problem if this is your idea of fun.

  12. Larry Hawkins that is such a false equivalence it doesn't even make any sense, the Confederate flag represented segregation, lynching , and murdering of black people, or what you would call Southern Pride, the kente cloth represents love pride of one's country and Heritage of being from Africa, the Confederate Flag represents nothing but hate so how can you compare the two? oh yeah I forgot whenever a black person talks about feeling good about who they are they're making white people feel uncomfortable

  13. Larry Hawkins words alone cannot explain how unintelligent that comment was

  14. Mel Landry says:

    Kenneth Ruppert really we tried assimilation in the 60's that got us no where. Also Enslavement became a major by-product of war in Africa as different societies expanded through military conflicts. In many cases, one side would be deliberately sponsored by a European nation – it would choose a favourite side to win between two African societies at war and supply that side with guns. The victorious side rounded up captives from the other side, who were given to the Europeans to pay for the arms and exchanged for more guns or other barter. Seems like nothing has change. In Syria, Afghanistan America and Europe is doing the same thing. Then they stand back and pretend to have no hand in these wars. All the while reaping the benefits off black and brown lives.

  15. it's not personal, learn what it means to be treated equal. If they let this kid go than they have to make more exceptions. Just cause you are black doesn't mean you have special privileges. That said, it went way to far but just cause it happened, does NOT mean the school is racist.

  16. Susan Butler says:

    they are trying to maintain CONFORMITY. There is a difference.

  17. It's a shame the school messed up the Graduation for everyone. Would they have demanded a Muslim woman take off her headscarf, or any other culteral or religious emblem being removed? Sounds like this school needs training on respecting culteral differences

  18. David Timperley Good for you.

  19. Tyler Cooper says:

    Susan Butler It's a graduation ceremony. It's not unreasonable to want everyone to dress the same. Personally, I'd have let the kid wear Kente but I can understand why a high school doesn't want a freeforall.

  20. Barbara Nist says:

    Mark Souza Mark – The real problem is setting a precedent. If graduate number 1 gets to wear what he wants and graduate number 2 gets to where what she wants then everyone wants to wear something sometimes more outrageous that anyone else's. He could have worn it under his gown and no one would have cared, but it was an "in your face" decision. I don't care what race, creed or color of skin we are talking about, the school has some right to dictate policy for graduation ceremonies. When I was a girl, we were not allowed to wear slacks of any kind in school. On campus at college, we were allowed to wear slacks on Saturday only. If you don't want to play by the rules, you can go play elsewhere. This is a case of a student trying to tell the school what he was going to wear. The school also has rights.

  21. Rich Long says:

    Marie-Anne Mouthaan Absolutely not apples and maggots, unless the kent cloth represents the maggots. Actually, the Confederate flag can still be a symbol of many Americans for their love for the South and its wonderful culture. This cloth thing represents some culture this guy has no connection to; his ancestors were born in the United States. He is making race an issue because of how Obama has made race and racial hatred a major factor during his reign. You don't see white people wearing material or memorials of the countries their people came from hundreds of years ago.

  22. Tyler Cooper says:

    Tina M. Scott You're reacting to how the confederate flag makes YOU feel. From the point of view of the cracker wearing it, he might be feeling "southern pride". That's why schools regulate what the kids can wear at ceremonies. They want to eliminate controversy of any kind.

  23. Nope it's another RACIST AGENDA move..

  24. Jin Jay Well considering the ones that were selling Blacks to Europrean slave traders were Black themselves, he has a point.

  25. Marie-Anne Mouthaan To many people, the confederate flag is a cultural and hertiage 'cloth'. Maybe the school felt that the kente cloth would offend some people just as the confederate flag would have offended some people. So, lets change the confederate flag to a US flag. How would that have gone over. And maybe I was comparing black crap to apples.

  26. Tyler Cooper says:

    Barbara Nist Bingo! This is exactly the issue here. The school has to think long term. They can't just make an exception in this one case because next year it will be dozens of students each wanting their own thing.

  27. Don't compare expressing cultural pride to expressing pride with symbols that have a history of violence and discrimination.

  28. Tyler Cooper says:

    Dress code, he violated it. The school doesn't want to have dozens of non-conformists next year.

  29. Why not just stick to the damn dress code. Can I wear a Serape?? Can a jewish person wear a prayer shawl? Stop being so selfish. Its a day for everyone. As much as everyone would love to showcase ethnic wear sometime you just have to follow the damn rules.

  30. David Moore says:

    Because he isnt any more special then the 100's that followed the rules/dress code.

  31. Marie-Anne Mouthaan the cofederate flag also representsthe cultural identity of the old south and the 250,000 american people who died defending that culture. so when is one cultural identity better than another cultural identity.

  32. Tyler Cooper says:

    Imagine if every student chose to wear whatever they wanted. The school has an interest in maintaining uniformity during special ceremonies.

  33. Yes you are all great scholars to correct my spelling. But the fact is my daughter does go to this school. And the fact is there is a dress code. By his own admission he said he was asked to take off the ribbon which I am sure if it was worn under his gown would not have been an issue..

  34. Aros Bastion says:

    Just because universities do it doesn't make it right, smh.

  35. Larry Hawkins I feel as if it would be the same outcome; the Confederate flag is a representation of southern culture, like the kente cloth is a representation of Ghanan culture, but someone not from the south would be more hateful towards the Confederate flag because of the history that lies behind it.

  36. Katie Rawson the swastika was a misappropiation the heritage of other cultures, its no part of germatic culture. just like the Bellamy salute to the american flag was misappropriated by the nazi.

  37. As much as I think it doesn't matter what he wears. This isn't Ghana.

  38. Karen Taylor says:

    I'm the classic WASP, naturally blonde, green eyes, my family came from Norway, and I'm Lutheran. I say more power to this young man. The school should not have called the sheriff. Tnis young man was showing his pride in his heritage in a respectfull manner, I would hope and wish that the school has learned a valuable lesson.

    Nah, never mind, I forgot that schools don't believe in learning.

  39. Robin Dopson says:

    Barbara Nist thats right Barbara if it had been some type of silly pom poms or glitter decorations on his cap which i just saw by the thousands at commencements all month, it would have been ok. But since its a solemn African ceremonial drape, it was "in your face" and oh so militant and required a police response. come on. im not buying your argument.

  40. If students who graduate early and are in the military cannot wear their uniforms at their high school ceremony to show their pride in their country and service, then nothing else should be allowed either!!!!!!

  41. Doesn't make it wrong, either. This kids amcestors more than likely were part of the millions in Ghana who lived and died sitting in the dung laced dirt of a Ghanian jungle with their face in a melon and trying to keep from getting killed by someone who wanted their goat. If these kids had to go through what their ancestors did, they would thank God for America and the decidedly better prosperity they enjoy than that of their ancestors. This kid knows nothing of even the disparity suffered by his own American ancestors. Give us a break.

  42. What about the small cap male Jews wear called a kipa. If at the ceremony, would he have to remove it?

  43. Tyler Cooper Like I said, wearing a kente cloth was not disrupting the ceremony. I could understand if he had on a costume or something. Stop making excuses for the bigotry here. And to get the police over a cloth at that. Just plain ridiculous.

  44. Brenda Morton-Wilson It would be under his cap which is not allowed to be altered..

  45. Most schools allow students to decorate their graduation caps and won't force a student to remove earrings or necklaces with religious symbols. The kente cloth is the same thing and it represents something important to him just as someone would wear a cross because it's important to them.

  46. Edward Nemil says:

    Except he wasn't seeking equality. He was seeking special treatment. Get the dress code changed before the ceremony if he wanted an exception. School administrators have to follow the rules and they can't get in trouble for following the rules. If anything, the administrator could have gotten in trouble for allowing the violation, if another person complained about the special treatment.

  47. Dennis Keil says:

    Not to start a firestorm, but has he traced his heritage and knows definitively he is descended from slaves who originally came from Ghana? If he has not, I don't see how wearing an item from Ghana represents his "blackness" or his heritage as he may not be descended from slaves and may instead be related to European blacks, so a "European" cap and gown may have been appropriate. In addition, if he was permitted to wear a kente and I saw it and thought it was cool and decided to wear one too would he pitch a fit about that?

  48. Dierdre Lockette Are you alleging white people are the only race that has colonized, oppressed, enslaved, denied basic human rights? In the words of the ass clown before you, you are so ignorant, it's painful!

  49. There should be rules or policies against hideous wrinkles crows feet and crepe skin especially since it gives off the crypt keeper look a sight that causes permanent damage and nightmares to those who have to stare at it head on

  50. Anita Wills says:

    My daughter wore a Kente Cloth at her graduation here in California.

  51. I truly like the sophisticated way he told the school, the security guard and the sherriff's deputies to go F themselves.

  52. The traditional cap and gown is a direct connection to European history and cultural. He has African history and culture. Calling the police was vendictive.

  53. Any time we assert any level of pride, power or unity, the establishment (which, sadly, includes a lot misguided Black people) gets nervous.

    This young man is going to go on to do wonderful, and as he said, impactful things. We haven't heard the last of him.

    The establishment gets nervous because our young people are waking up slowly but surely.


  54. Robin Dopson says:

    What on earth was the reason? I'm confused. Graduating While Black?

  55. For one Cosumnes Oaks High School is far from predomentily white. Second I am sure there was a dress code that said nothing could be worn outside the cap and gown. This is to keep everybody equal in the promotion. If he wore it under the cap and gown or put it on after it would have been fine. One thing the smart lad didn't learn in school is that there are rules and laws that are for everybody to follow. Just another case of a person of color trying to make a racist thing out of a obedients issue…So how this article is written everybody should just be able to wear what ever they wanted for the ceremony. The cap and gown is a symbol of a journey that all have made as equals. The sooner people try and simulate rather than divide America will be great again. Also he is wearing a cultural piece from the same area that tribes people rounded up other tribes and sold them off to slave owners. Makes a lot of sence..


  57. How do you know they were all white…?

  58. Congratulations and good luck in your future, Mr. Holmes. I have seen many Kente Cloths at college graduations and I am surprised that a high school would seek to prevent your wearing such a meaningful piece of your heritage. Wear one proudly when you accept your college diploma from Fullerton.

  59. Kenneth Ruppert by the way it's assimilate, not similate. Obedience, not obedients. I don't normally play the grammar corrector, but if you decide to sarcastically call someone a "smart lad" for not knowing about your imaginary rules, you leave yourself open for other people calling you out for not following concrete spelling rules.

  60. Katie Rawson says:

    How about a swastika, Larry?

  61. Tyler Cooper says:

    Was anyone else allowed to wear something non-traditional? If so, it's discriminatoy. If not, they're just trying to maintain uniformity.

  62. While it is my own opinion that people SHOULD be allowed to express individuality at these types of events (provided the expression does not promote hate or violence), I find it ironic that any race, other than caucasion, is allowed to show "pride," but if a white person says "White Pride," they're considered racist. Since NONE of us was given a choice, prior to birth, of what race they wanted to be, I see no reason for all this "pride."

  63. Susan Butler says:

    Kenneth Ruppert predominately, obedience, assimilate, and sense.

  64. Universities do this all the time. Only sashes, etc. that are approved by the university are to be worn. It was that way at the University from which I graduated.

  65. Tyler Cooper says:

    Rich Long LOL, what? White folks put European flags up all the time! Come to Boston. Half the bars in Southie have big Irish flags.

  66. Yes you are all great scholars to correct my spelling. But the fact is my daughter does go to this school. And the fact is there is a dress code. By his own admission he said he was asked to take off the ribbon which I am sure if it was worn under his gown would not have been an issue..

  67. Matthew Rohr says:

    Larry Hawkins – your words reveal your bigotry. Everyone with an ounce of common sense understands that the confederate flag carries all kinds of baggage that the kente cloth does not.

    Those who tried to remove it did so because they did not know what it was, and they feared it. They were too ashamed to allow a Merit Scholar to explain it to them.

    Someone with some intelligence and common sense should have taken responsibility among the school officials to say, "Of course he can wear that. It is a positive addition to the ceremony." That same person could have taken a confederate flag and said, "Sorry, but no symbols of racial discrimination and violence are allowed as part of this ceremony."

  68. Larry Hawkins Also, "black crap" sums up that southern pride well.

  69. Matthew Rohr says:

    It depends on the message. It depends on the meaning and baggage associated with the symbol. Show some common sense.

  70. Robert Kinne says:

    Char Fezza What kind of meathead thinks that he can rewrite the rules to his own choosing because it suits his desires! If you don't like society… leave it!

  71. Robin Dopson says:

    David Timperley you miss the point entirely. the graduation ceremony itself, the cap, the gown, the diploma, all are expresions of European culture, it is the dominant culture to which everyone else is forced to conform. Europeans have stripped many other cultures of their traditions and identity in order to enslave and absorb them. Why does a white person need to show pride when the entire culture in which we live is white? Yes its racist when you and others like you insist on dominating every other religion, culture, belief system, art, music, medicine, every other way of life must be your way of life or the highway. You are so ignorant, its painful.

  72. David Timperley White pride is a symbol of colonization, oppression, genocide, slavery and denial of basic human rights. Your ancestors WERE given a choice of which races they chose to enslave and oppress, and they also are continuing to paint people of color as less than. I see no reason for your white pride, considering the history of death and destruction that white pride represents.

  73. Aros Bastion says:

    Tyler Cooper Who the fuck cares about the damn dress code? He wasn't hurting anyone. It won't hurt anyone if people start wearing simple shit over their gowns.

  74. Kenneth Ruppert And now we get to the point where I explain that even the fact that you can make a handwave statement like "Color has no bearing on my life" is part of the privilege inherent to being an American of German and Austrian descent.

  75. Colin Mizia says:

    Mark Souza The dress code was presented to all the students, and everyone else went along with it. He made a choice to violate the dress code for the event, and his choice had a consequence. This wasn't something that his religion or culture required him to wear for the occasion. It was him wanting special treatment just for being black, which is racist in itself.

  76. Marie-Anne Mouthaan Correct breaking dress code is not the issue here.. The issue was he was asked to take off the kente cloth. He then proceeded to break the rules and disrespect teachers and security.. So that is the reason he was escorted out..

  77. Barbara Nist SO, you chose to defend the school, and rationalize their decision, by announcing that when you were a girl PATRIARICAL society -that establishes MEN as SUPERIOR to WOMEN, dictated that you (a girl) could only wear SLACKS on the weekend. Why do you think that was?

    Get into that for a moment, and realize that exactly what happened to you is why you are the way you are today. Opressed.

    Free your mind!

    The Rules need to be rewritten as we imorove society.

  78. Larry Hawkins YEP! And what about the small cap male Jews wear called a kipa. If at the ceremony, would he have to remove it?

  79. Then I'll be sure to remind you come next St. Patrick's Day to let everyone know that this isn't Ireland.

  80. Then I'll be sure to remind you come next St. Patrick's Day to let everyone know that this isn't Ireland.

  81. Robin Dopson Me and others like me? You know NOTHING about me, are your assertion that I intend to "dominate every other religion, culture, belief, blah blah blah" is asinine! Not only did I NOT ask anyone to conform to my ANYTHING, I very clearly stated I supported his individuality! You should spend more time studying and less time trolling!

  82. Tyler Cooper says:

    Dierdre Lockette That's hateful and bigoted. Either everyone is allowed to be proud of their heritge or no one is. You can't pick and choose which cultures are worthy of pride.

  83. Matthew Rohr There was a dress code.

  84. Is he an exchange student from Africa? If not, the school did the right thing. If he is an exchange student, then they were wrong.

  85. Growing up in the west near a reservation, it was very common to see the Native American graduates wearing beaded pendants or other culturally significant regalia with their graduation gowns. It is a beautiful thing to see this countries diversity expressed within a uniformed ceremony like a graduation. What happened at this school seems overly petty. What he was wearing did not obscure his uniform, it was not profain or offensive, and it wouldn't have cause any distractions except for what was cause by the school itself.

  86. Robin Dopson says:

    Tyler Cooper but all those sparkles and glitter on the tops of the caps is fine? dress code violations are rarely enforced with a police presence. nice try though.

  87. Robin Dopson says:

    sick of entitled white people pissing and moaning every time a black person wants life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness without a cop's boot on his throat. Do you also compare a Jew wearing a yamulka with a skinhead wearing a swastika?

  88. Robert Kinne What about the small cap male Jews wear called a kipa. If at the ceremony, would he have to remove it?

  89. An expression of your spiritual roots is a lot different than expressing a political or racist agenda. If you want to wear a rosary, a cross or a hijab, they cannot bar you from doing so. They can't keep you from wearing dreadlocks or force you to shave your facial hair if your beliefs prevent you from doing so. Discrimination needs to carry stiffer penalties, penalties that reflect the injustice of denying people their basic human rights. My heart goes out to this young man and everyone else that is growing weary of having to fight to have their human rights recognized and honored. And shame on all of the commenters below who think the aesthetic that they're going for is more important than the human beings who have earned the honor of graduation.

  90. Samara Bonner The police weren't called over the cloth. The police were called because someone participating in an event refused to follow the rules of the event, then refused to leave. He could have skipped the ceremony and had his diploma mailed to him. But instead he CHOSE to be there. He should have followed the rules!

  91. Tyler Cooper says:

    Aurelian Kelly Typically we make a distinction between religious and ethnic identity. There's a stronger constitutional protection for religious expression than ethnic expression.

    E.g., a school can't punish you for wearing a kipa but they can tell a Scottish kid he can't wear a kilt.

  92. I would hate to be the cops called to enforce this nonsense
    what does the dress code say ?
    rule for one rule for all

  93. Colleen Hoar says:

    I'm confused here. Is he American or not? If he is then he certainly know that Americans wear the cap and gowns. Did he have it on prior to the commencement or did he wait until the last minute to put it on? If you let him slide the lord knows what type of things others would want to be wearing.

  94. David Timperley So I guess if you're Jewish like the young lady stated below and was wearing your kippah then the police should be called for "not following the rules". Total BS like I said before. You guys can make excuses if you want, but wearing a kente cloth during a graduation ceremony again is not going to disrupt the ceremony. Being that it was a representation of his religion and culture I don't understand the issue… I'm not going to argue with anyone over this. Its clear that a lot of people that cannot identify with the african culture will agree with what happened during this ceremony so it will be meaningless to argue. I'm glad that the young man got his diploma and walked the staged wearing his kente cloth.

  95. Think of this logically… WHY do the graduating students wear the cap and gown… often in their school colors? Because graduation is celebrating a GROUP EVENT.
    300 students (however many), TOGETHER, with their faculty and community, celebrate the GROUP's completion of credits and signifying the GROUP's moving on to future similar successes! The Graducation Ceremony is a GROUP function. The seniors have the school alma mater sung, they listen to speeches by their classmates and administrators and perhaps a guest speaker. Graduation CEREMONY is NOT MEANT to be an individual spectacle – – "hey, look at me – I stand out!!" event. If everyone was allowed to wear whatever symbol, clothing, head wear, etc., it would take away from the GROUP event. This is the formal time when the class comes TOGETHER. The INDIVIDUAL event comes before and after the ceremony – at countless wonderful family parties! THAT's the time to wear a 'Kente' cloth, or any other type of 'individual' costume/dress. This young man was out-of-place. Perhaps he misunderstood the meaning of a CLASS GRADUATION. It started as a CLASS moving up together, and out into the real world. This has NOTHING to do with any cultural or class symbolism.

  96. Ronald Towns says:

    Simon De La Cruz i know the principle, asst.principle, and faculty members were white because i read the follow up story from alternate news sources moron

  97. Ronald Towns says:

    Joseph Jordan please don't be ignorant

  98. Susan Foster says:

    I don't see how it's any different from graduates with Hawaiian backgrounds wearing leis to graduation.

  99. Tyler Cooper Would it have been appropriate for the Europeans to drape one of their flags around their neck? How about someone wearing the ISIS flag. There are many things that affect many different people.

  100. My cute little WHITE Grand Daughter wrote "Hi Mom" on her white graduation cap and ended up being the only person in the whole class who walked up bareheaded to get her diploma, because what she had done was against the rules and the teacher took her cap. … Good for the teacher. … Rules are there for a reason and are for EVERYBODY.

  101. Bessie Wash-Smith exactly-how many times have we seen messages on mortarboards .he should have been allowed to wear it without repurcussion.i guess we still have a long way to go.

  102. Stay strong, Nyree!

  103. Reka Renee says:

    Did they force the Jewish students to remove their kipas, or….?

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