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Maryland School Bus Driver Went into ‘Mommy Mode,’ Rescues 20 Kids from Burning Bus

On Monday, Sept. 12, College Park, Maryland bus driver Reneita Smith saved 20 small children after her bus caught fire.

In a Sept. 13 interview with HLN’s “The Daily Share,” Smith tells the host about the harrowing rescue.

“My bus started making noises,” she starts. “As it started making noises, on my dashboard, the brake light came on.”

Smith recalls smelling smoke after driving a block.

Then, she saw fire from her side view mirror while calling for a backup bus.

Smith pulled over quickly and started to evacuate the elementary school children.

“I didn’t see other people’s children — I saw my children,” Smith reflects. ” I’m a mom… I got my babies off the bus.”

Now, there is an investigation underway into the cause of the fire. However, investigators believe that the bus caught fire due to a brake malfunction.

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