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Fox News’ Man-on-the-Street Segment Takes Unexpected Turn After Black Woman Interjects

A New York City resident shared her experience on Facebook after running into a camera crew shooting a segment of FOX News’ “Watters’ World” on Wednesday, Sept. 7.

“Watters’ World” is a man-on-the-street feature starring FOX News’ Jesse Watters. The journalist tends to speak to people with non-conservative views to get a reaction out of them.

In the clip, Watters asks a woman of color to name a few things she likes and dislikes about Black people.

Facebook user Shima Green recorded only the latter half of the interview.

But, she writes on her profile:

“I whipped out my phone for this. I missed the ‘likes’ on camera, but it amounted to, ‘their dances.’ I had to interject with the “Ima let you finish but!” Had her go from “Us” to “Them” so fast you would’ve thought she reneged on a Boston! But, uh, yea… I had questions.”

The interviewee says that she dislikes Black people because they are “more racist than white people.”

Furthermore, the woman claims Black people feel targeted.

Then, Green interjects: “You said ‘we’ like you’re white.”

The woman adds that Black people believe every knock against them is racialized.

At the the end of the clip, Watters asks Green if she wants to be interviewed, but she swiftly declines the invitation.

“I love Black people,” Green proclaims. “I don’t think I will have anything bad to say about Black people.”

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