Erica Garner Rips Mayor DeBlasio: ‘Just Cause You Love Black P—- Don’t Mean You Love Black Lives’

Erica Garner, daughter of the late Eric Garner who died in police custody in July 2014. Image courtesy of Twitter.

Erica Garner, daughter of the late Eric Garner, who died in police custody in July 2014. Image courtesy of Twitter.

Erica Garner, eldest daughter of the late Eric Garner, gave quite the tongue lashing Thursday when she blasted New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio for declining to release the disciplinary records of the officer who killed her father.

The elder Garner died in police custody July 17, 2014 when officer Daniel Pantaleo tackled the Staten Island man and placed him in an illegal choke hold. The tragic ordeal was caught on video, during which Garner could be heard struggling to say “I can’t breathe.”

Erica Garner took to Twitter to give DeBlasio a piece of her mind.

“Just cause you love Black p—ssy don’t mean you love Black lives,” she wrote.

DeBlasio’s wife, Chirlane McCray, is African-American.

“God has a way of exposing fraud,” Garner said in another tweet. “Bill De Blasio can say whatever he wants. Black people here get no justice in his administration in NYC.”

According to the New York Daily News, Garner’s daughter felt betrayed by the mayor’s sudden decision to abide by an archaic statute that has been largely ignored by the NYPD for years. De Blasio claimed that Section 50-A of New York’s civil rights law barred him from releasing the disciplinary records of Officer Pantaleo.

A spokesperson for the mayor’s office told the Daily News that the NYPD has been violating the law for years, but is working to change its practices in order to comply. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo asserted that the law has never prevented the release of similar documents in the past.

“Many, many years the NYPD disclosed the information,” Cuomo said. “The NYPD now looks at the law and makes a different determination.”

Garner still wasn’t satisfied with this answer.

“Cuomo and De Blasio can only agree on one thing and that is covering up this modern day lynching by their henchmen,” she tweeted Thursday.

“Cuomo is a b—tch! So is De Blasio!” Garner said in another message. “They be pimpin’ Black lives for votes too…JUST LIKE HILLARY.”

The outspoken activist even threw in a few jabs at De Blasio’s son, Dante, and the mayor’s ability to raise a Black man in America.

“The thing that kills me is that De Blasio is raising a Black man..This is the example… My dad lays down and rolls over for white supremacy,” Garner wrote.

De Blasio has yet to respond to Garner’s critical tweets, the New York Daily News reports.

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