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Activist, Others Suspicious About Events Leading to Death of Ferguson Protester Darren Seals

Ferguson, Missouri activist and rapper Darren “King D” Seals was found dead in a burning car with a gunshot wound Tuesday, Sept. 6.

According to NBC News, the 29-year-old was active in the Michael Brown protests in August of 2014. In fact, he was with the family during the grand jury non-indictment.


Since then, he has become a vocal critic of Black Lives Matter. He claimed activists within the organization allegedly misused donations for their personal agendas.

Around 2 a.m. Tuesday morning, Police found Seals in the car.

In the FOX 2 Now News clip, reporters say the St. Louis County Police Department is investigating the incident as a homicide. However, there are no leads.

But, Twitter users are not sure what to make of Seals’ death.

Flimmaker and entrepreneur Tariq Nasheed implies that police may have contributed to Seals’ death.


In the tweet below, Nasheed shows his followers screenshots from activist Brittany Ferrell’s now deleted Twitter account.

After the Seals death, the filmmaker has been exposing startling details about activists that made threats toward Seals.


User Uriah Sharp revealed a screenshot from user Sarah Kendzior that compares Seals’ death to another Ferguson activist, Deandre Joshua.


Twitter user Funkycow believes that there was a white male at the scene of the incident responsible for burning Seals’ vehicle.

In the three clips, the eyewitness says a Black male got out of Seals’ vehicle. Then, a white male arrived on scene in a Chrysler sedan.

Furthermore, Twitter users pointed out that Seals was an adversary to BLM activists. Some users/trolls believe they may have played a role in his death, not police.

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However, others remind skeptics that history is a good enough reason to believe police can play a role in suspicious deaths of a civil rights activists.



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