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Black Twitter Unleashes on Old George Zimmerman News: ‘I Don’t Want to See His Name Unless He’s Dead’

George Zimmerman (CNN)

George Zimmerman (CNN)

Trayvon Martin’s acquitted fatal shooter began trending online Tuesday, and it left many confused. A jury found George Zimmerman not guilty in the 2013 murder trial. Since then, he has come back in the news for old reports of homelessness, post-traumatic stress and massive debt, according to Atlanta Black Star.

Black Twitter latched on to that news, which dates back to 2014. It caused many to wonder why the 32-year-old is trending without accompanying news of his death.

MJ Mann did not want to hear about the gun seller until such news was revealed.

@kashmirVIII hoped the next time Zimmerman’s name made headlines, it would be followed by a message about his lifeless body.

@RuthOhanu used a photo of “SpongeBob Squarepants” curmudgeon Squidward to show her reaction to the trending topic.

For everyone who hoped for death the next time he became a highly discussed trending topic, many celebrated his former status.

@a_denicee announced she would get a good night’s sleep after hearing the two-year-old news.

‏@makavelidiscipl celebrated his karma.

And Garrick Bernard welcomed the birthday gift.

But Marty knew the truth about the news.

Zimmerman revealed to CNN and Univision two years ago he accumulated $2.5 million in debt because of attorney’s fees. He also shared he struggled to find work, even though is paintings netted thousands of dollars in online sales.

To get on his feet, the vindicated second-degree murderer got help from his family.

On top of his financial woes, Zimmerman shared he suffered from PTSD because of the media attention he received. At the time, he claimed he did not leave home without wearing a bullet proof vest since he feared for his life.

More recently, he made headlines for auctioning the gun used to kill Martin for an undisclosed amount. And last month, he played the victim after a man allegedly punched him for bragging about the teen’s death.

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