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Joy Reid Calls The Alt-Right Movement What It Is: ‘White Nationalism’

On the Aug. 25 edition of “MSNBC Live with Tamron Hall,” journalist Joy Reid discuss the popular Alt-Right movement taking over the Republican Party.

In the nearly 5-minute clip, Reid reveals how the movement of young conservatives have adapted ideals that align with white nationalism.

“Well, essentially Tamron, the alt-right consider themselves an alternative to traditional conservatism, which they think is weak tea. Their basic belief is that white Americans need to protect themselves against multiculturalism and immigration …they believe both are essentially watering down American culture and putting white people at a disadvantage …. So they’re mostly young. they’re very tech-savvy. they’ve been connected to things like gamer-gate— going after women and people of color. What you’re seeing happen to Leslie Jones, that’s a prime example.”

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