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This Woman’s Remarkable Experience In a Slave Dungeon Inspired Her To Leave America for Ghana

A native New Yorker decided to go back to Ghana at age 50 after a stunning experience in one of its horrific slave dungeons.

In the clip, Imahküs Njinga Okofu Ababio tells the interviewer that she did not want to go to Africa initially.

She left behind her 14-year career as a human resource administrator to live in Ghana after having a spiritual epiphany. In 1990, she and her husband packed up and sold everything to go to Ghana.

Ababio says the media did not show Africa in the best light. As a result to the misrepresentation, she associated Tarzan with the continent.

“… No body’s wearing clothes,” she explains. ” No, I didn’t want to come to Africa, because there was nothing good told to us about Africa.”

However, she states that when she arrived in Ghana, she saw a different kind of Africa.

“We went to the slave forts and dungeons,” she recalls. ” There’s no air, small windows, and the place still smells … As I stood there in the women’s dungeon, the room started filling up. There were women there. Some were naked, half-dressed, and they were crying… And gradually I could feel people touching me, comforting me.”

The experience changed her life.

Now, Ababio and her husband have been living in Ghana for 25 years and counting.

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