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LeBron James Shows He is the MVP Giving Back To Residents in His Hometown In Big Ways

On the Aug. 18 edition of ABC’s “Good Morning America,” Cleveland Cavaliers superstar and philanthropist LeBron James talks to Robin Roberts about giving back in his hometown of Akron, Ohio.

In the interview, the Akron native describes how The LeBron James Family Foundation focuses on education in the struggling Ohio city.

“I definitely could have been a statistic,” James says. ” I had days where it felt that it was just me and my mom… [I said] if I ever become successful, it wasn’t going to be just about me.”

In 2011, James and his team of volunteers began providing assistance to third-graders.

After a few failed attempts, the foundation decided that starting young would close the achievement gap in Black schools.

Jumping forward five years later, the new direction has proven successful.

The LeBron James Family Foundation offers educational resources such as tutors, homework help, and mentors all the way up to high school graduation.

Those who continue to do well will even have their college education paid for.

James’ foundation has also went a step further by creating an arrangement with the University of Akron to provide scholarships for graduates.

In addition to helping young people, James’ program also has something for parents.

James announced last year that parents who want to go back to school for a GED can do so through the foundation.

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