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This is a Brilliant Take Down of Africans Who Ignore Disastrous Impact of Colonialism

On the Aug. 14 edition of NTV Kenya’s “The Trend with Larry Madowo,” South African jazz trumpeter Hugh Masekela talks about European colonialism and history in Africa.

In the short clip, Masekela tells the host that Africa has the largest variety of cultures on the planet but Africans don’t embrace it.

In addition, the jazz legend says Black people are still influenced by European culture well after independence.

“We’re bad imitations of those who oppressed us!” says Masekela. “These [African] borders were created in 1886. We fight over these borders that were not created by Africans … I think what we have lost is our heritage. When people come to Africa, they come to see the animals and the geographical [landscapes]. We are invisible.”

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