Fresno Cop Approaches Teen for Jaywalking, What Happens Next is Appalling


On Wednesday, Aug. 17, a Fresno, California police officer arrested two high school students for allegedly jaywalking and filming the arrest.

According to a Facebook post from user Finēsse Kïñg Vähäñ, two Hoover High School seniors named KC and Johnny were crossing the street when a Fresno Police Officer approached KC.

First and Barstow.
By Hoover High School.

On our first day of senior year my boii KC was about to cross the street, but he J walked, so this cop from Fresno PD started disrespecting him and grabbing him for just j walking. Then after they arrest KC, they arrested my n—- Johnny too for recording.

KC allegedly jaywalked, prompting the engagement with the police officer. While the officer and high school senior wrestled, Johnny recorded the entire incident.

In the video clip, the young man tells the officer that he used the crosswalk as instructed.

“I used the crosswalk like you said,” he says.

However, his pleas to be left alone were not honored. The student was wrestled to the ground as Johnny screamed “Black Lives Matter” and demanded that the officer let go.

Photography Is Not A Crime reports that KC was charged with resisting and battery on the arresting officer. Johnny may have been charged with resisting arrest for recording the altercation.

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