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Glenn Beck Just Explained to White People Why Black Lives Matter and He Almost Got it Right

Glenn Beck, at the annual gathering in Denver, Colorado this weekend, tries to explain what the Black Lives Matter movement means.

In the two clips, Beck compares the Black Lives Matter movement to someone distributing pies while calling the leaders “communists.”

The clip above paints this lively scenario where a man is denied freshly cooked pie. The man is upset because everyone gets a slice.

However, those who received the pie try to quiet him down saying “All Pies Matter.”

Beck uses this metaphor to show that the needs of the few disenfranchised should be addressed.

In this clip, the conservative stalwart says that people marching on the streets are concerned about Black-on-Black crime.

“I sat and I listened to these people who said ‘I’m not with these guys, but I was marching, but I’m not with these guys. But I’m afraid of my own grandchildren. Something’s happening in our own community, and we need to help. We need help, we need to figure this out. Something is happening in our own community that we don’t recognize. Black Lives Matter.’ “

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