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Battle Ensues Online Over Some People Shaming 18-Year-Old Malia Obama for Enjoying Herself at Lollapalooza


After many were upset that Malia Obama skipped the Democratic National Convention July 28 to attend Lollapalooza, they are now enraged because the eldest first daughter was dancing and enjoying herself during the performances.

Barack and Michelle Obama’s 18-year-old was captured on video dancing at rapper Mac Miller’s show July 29 and singing along during singer Bryson Tiller’s set July 31. On July 28, she was spotted attending EDM artist Cashmere Cat’s show with pals.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Malia previously attended the Illinois music festival in 2014. Controversy stirred then when she was seen at Chance the Rapper’s performance.

Some have criticized the soon-to-be Harvard student for ditching the last day of the DNC to blow off steam with friends at the Chicago concert.

Tony Mondello accused Malia of using taxpayer’s money to attend Lollapalooza.

Cindy Clark John claimed the oldest Obama daughter should “have the decency to not dress like a hooker.”

Kristine Kaiser dismisses the teen’s youth and calls her family “disgraceful.”

Still, many have come to the teenager’s defense.

Twitter user @DarthVenn called the judgment “dumb.”

@willfelt said Malia’s attendance at Lollapalooza simply proves she’s a teen who is living her life.

@TaraAngel94 said she would also choose to attend the long-running festival over the widely broadcast DNC.

Zoé S. pointed to Jenna and Barbara Bush, daughters of former President George W. Bush. The twin sisters were cited in 2001 for attempting to buy alcohol at age 19. It was the second offense for the eldest Bush kid in less than five weeks. She previously plead no contest to being a minor in possession of alcohol, according to USA Today.

Being a first daughter opens children to criticism from the public regardless of their image. Before the Bush twins, Chelsea Clinton – the only daughter of former President Bill Clinton and current Democratic presidential nominee Hilary Clinton – was called a dog by Rush Limbaugh in 1996.

“Everyone knows the Clintons have a cat. Socks is the White House cat. But did you know there is also a White House dog?” he said as he held up a photo of Chelsea.

See Malia enjoying herself during Lollapalooza below.



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4 thoughts on “Battle Ensues Online Over Some People Shaming 18-Year-Old Malia Obama for Enjoying Herself at Lollapalooza

  1. Drinking Beer and Wine coolers.

  2. Ready to be a HOE hanging out with HOES. Internignin Hollywood.

  3. Interning in Hoolywood!

  4. Number one: the Obama's pay for their own stuff – she did not spend taxpayer money on this. I'm sure there was Secret Service protection, but there would have been at the convention as well, so it didn't cost any more for her to go to the concert. Honest to God, people are so desperate to make a point, they will lie about anything. Grow up. She is a young girl doing what young girls do. And she has qualified to go to HARVARD, for the love of heaven – Jeez – jealous much?

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