Meek Mill’s Probation Continues After Nearly 11 Years, Fans Protest ‘Probation Abuse’



Rapper Meek Mill has been off house arrest since June, but he continues to serve probation after more than a decade. Fans have had enough and took to the streets of downtown Philadelphia last week to demand their favorite MC’s total freedom. Many marched in the Pennsylvania city holding signs aimed at courts reading, “Stop Probation Abuse” and “Free Meek From His Abusive Probation.”

According to XXL, the rapper’s ongoing probation is due to two violations. The first came in 2014 leading to a five-month prison sentence. The second was last year which found him on house arrest for 90-days.

Regardless of the infractions, fans believe a nearly 11-year probation is too long.

Last month, Meek explained his run-in with police officers at age 18. One day after Alton Sterling was shot and killed by police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the rapper shared his personal experience with police brutality.

“Growing up in America as a young Black kid in the ghetto is like suicide!” he wrote in a caption for his mugshot July 6. In the image, young Meek is seen with a swollen eye and bandages on his face.

He then posted the police report and told followers two Black officers lied on him, claiming he was the one who attacked them. On Instagram, the MC said he was found guilty of assaulting two cops.

“Lips swollen …. Stitches in both swollen eyes! One of my braids ripped out!” he began. “I weighed about 130 at the time And I was found guilty of assaulting cops! It’s clear 2 see I was punched and stomped by a few cops!”

The rapper said two Black officers lied in a hearing about what occurred, claiming Meek chased them with a gun and tried to kill them.

“I caught that case at 18 and was stripped of my freedom and taken away from my family 4 times for the same case and still on probation,” Meek wrote at the time.

He explained there was no other way for him to get out from under the sentence without turning to the streets.

“After I caught the case I had no choice to hustle in the streets to get a good lawyer aka a good liar to help me get my freedom!”

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