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Stephen A. Smith Arrogantly Defends Charles Barkley Against Critics; Is This a New Low?

On the July 27 edition of ESPN’s “First Take,” sports journalist and commentator Stephen A. Smith stirs controversy once more by backing former NBA star and current TNT commentator, Charles Barkley’s simplistic analysis of intra-racial crime.


Barkley stated in a recent interview that Black people need the police more than anyone and that police brutality pales in comparison to Black-on-Black crime.

In the 13-minute clip, Smith says that Barkley is 1000 percent correct. While the commentator acknowledges that police brutality is bad, he tells his critics to kiss off.

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7 thoughts on “Stephen A. Smith Arrogantly Defends Charles Barkley Against Critics; Is This a New Low?

  1. Dan Lee says:

    This is akin to a prostitute defending a hooker…..BOTH are laughably pathetic!

  2. Mike Brock says:

    Stephen A Smith is absolutely correct and anyone that disagrees with him just wants to be mad without actually thinking.

  3. Mike Brock says:

    Show me what part of of what Mr Smith stated was "pathetic" while people that think like you stay mad and play victim everything he stated is happening .

  4. Teddy Watts says:

    Mike Brock They`re both wrong cause they lack the ability to separate the issues towards when to have that discussion. And they`re both wrong even more so cause they`re doing it for ratings and attention on behalf of a media that already vilifies us as whole through all aspects of the media. So in reality they`re helping continue the vilifing of us.

  5. Mike Brock says:

    Teddy Watts ,Try to think logically for a minute ,I agree with everything you just posted,what Stepen A Smith is saying is that in terms of share numbers Black people killing each other is out of control.People seem to only want to address police violence and address Black on Black crime as an afterthought or blame it on any and everything except for the people in the communities that are actually committing the crimes.What he said about the Black population dwindling in numbers is very true and if we don't address all the problems we face as a people then we will never change our collective conditions.

  6. Teddy Watts says:

    Mike Brock You just read past my comment without placing thought to what I post. I said his and Barkley`s inability to separate the two issues and their timing of them is what makes them wrong. Think logically and read carefully to what I`m sayng.

  7. Teddy Watts says:

    Mike Brock And he nor Barkley get to dictate what is important or should be deemed more important,especially when neither has said or done nothing to help said issue.and the fact the both are only doing it for now for brownie points/ratings even makes them wrong more.

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