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Stephen A. Smith May Have Just Backed the Worst Possible Reason Why Carmelo Anthony Shouldn’t Speak Out on Police Violence

On the July 25 edition of ESPN’s “First Take,” sports journalist and commentator Stephen A. Smith  athletes who play well should be activists while criticizing Carmelo Anthony for his less than stellar play on the court for speaking out against injustice.

In the nearly 9-minute clip, Smith says that he supports athletes who speak out against injustices.

In regards to Anthony, Smith supports the New York Knicks player but admits that he has to play better and fans share that same sentiment.

“When I see LeBron speak and Dwayne speak, I’m looking at two individuals who are 3-time champions. And I am able to say about them, they are doing what they are suppose to do on the basketball court. So off the court, if they feel the need to bring attention to this [police brutality]—-great … I still feel the same about ‘Melo but I’m cognizant of the fact that a lot of New Yorkers in street that came out and said ‘Dammit I don’t want to hear nothing from him, I need him to get to the playoffs.'”

Separately, Anthony shared his thoughts on Michael Jordan’s open letter and $2M investment to improve police relations with black community in North Carolina while at the Challenger’s Boys and Girls Club in Los Angeles today.

“About time that he stepped up. At the end of the day, amongst us, he is our face. He’s a very powerful African-American. So for him to step up in the midst of these times now, it was very big.”

He added, “It’s not all about money and giving back. But for him to step up and put his money where his mouth is …”

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