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Lock Her Up: Haitians at DNC Accuse Hillary Clinton of Defrauding Country out of Billions For Earthquake Relief

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania, USA ( – Haitians at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia are trying to bring attention to Haiti, where Bill and Hillary Clinton are accused of defrauding the country of billions in earthquake relief money and destabilizing the nation’s economy and state institutions.

Mainstream media has moreover tried to ignore this most significant part of the Clintons’ background. It is where Bill and Hillary Clinton spent their honeymoon. But since then, the poor island nation has become a source of undue enrichment for friends and family of the Clintons and they themselves.

The Two-Pronged Tragedy

When the 2010 earthquake hit Haiti, former U.S. President Bill Clinton and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clintonexacerbated the devastation to their own benefit. In the end, billions of dollars donated by individuals from countries all around the world, weeks upon weeks of top story attention on any and every news agency around the world, left Haitians not just where they began, but in worse circumstances.


Bill Clinton was head of the United Nations Envoy to Haiti and managed himself to head the Interim Haiti Reconstruction Commission (IHRC). It was a commission of Haitian and international actors who would coordinate more than $13 billion [US] in earthquake relief and reconstruction money. It wouldn’t take long before members of the commission began complaining about being shut out of discussions and planning.

By all accounts, the money and what it was meant to do never really reached the Haitian people. While the Clinton Foundation only puts 10% of its donations towards charity, the IHRC was a real racket for Clinton pals, 1% went towards Haitian groups and agencies on the ground. All that is transparent is that the money didn’t go to Haiti, beyond that the trail goes cold.

The money for earthquake relief was funneled massively to friends of the Clintons, who so happen to be donors to the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation and Hillary’s 2016 presidential campaign.

It was a major kickback scheme. Even the projects that were expected of the Clinton cronies didn’t match up to their billing and barely endured a year. The State Department Inspector General would release a scathing report of waste, poor oversight, to a degree all but criminal.

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3 thoughts on “Lock Her Up: Haitians at DNC Accuse Hillary Clinton of Defrauding Country out of Billions For Earthquake Relief

  1. BT Moseti says:

    Few Black folks have an idea how Corrupt the Clinton foundation is. Look up how they messed up Southern Sudan, Congo, Nigeria

  2. Rich Penway says:

    you do realize Clinton and the IHRC had nothing to do with entering into contracts or disbursing funds for those projects, right? All funding went through the Hatian Relief Fund (HRF), which was chaired by Haiti’s Minister of Finance and administered by the World Bank, made the decisions on how to fund projects, along with partner entities. One of the three partners — the World Bank, United Nations, and Inter-American Development Bank — partnered with each approved project.

  3. I am quite impressed, Atlanta Black Star. Your stories are truthful and unbiased.

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