Attorney for #CharlesKinsey Destroys Cop’s False Narrative That He Fired Gun to Protect Kinsey from Autistic Patient


On the July 22 edition of HLN’s “Michaela,” the attorney for north Miami behavioral therapist Charles Kinsey discusses the North Miami Police Department’s response regarding Kinsey’s shooting  last week.

In the 5-minute clip, attorney Hilton Napoleon says the NMPD’s statement contradicts their actions. The department spokesman said  they were trying to protect Kinsey and shoot his autistic patient instead.

Napoleon asks, “Why would they put [Kinsey] in handcuffs…if they really were trying to protect him?”

The attorney also reveals that the officers did not give Kinsey any medical attention after being shot in the leg last Monday.

“It is outrageous that they would suggest that they were shooting a clearly mentally ill individual who had autism … If they felt like they needed to protect my client why didn’t they put some type of bandage or pressure on the wound?”

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