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Issa Rae Raises $325K in Less Than 24 Hours to Send Alton Sterling’s Children to College: ‘This is So Powerful’



Actress and writer Issa Rae was profoundly impacted by Alton Sterling’s murder by police on July 5. It led her to set up a campaign to raise college funds for the five children the Baton Rouge, Louisiana native left behind. The #AltonSterlingFamily Scholarship was created Wednesday, and $325,000 was raised in just 21 hours.

Rae has no formal relationship with the family, writing on the GoFundMe campaign page she is “just sympathetic and empathetic” to the situation. The Huffington Post reports the Insecure star initially set out to raise $40,000 for the Sterling children. She revealed plans for the scholarship Wednesday afternoon, sharing the link several minutes later.

“Thank you for helping us raise the goal!” she wrote Wednesday evening. “I just got off the phone with the Sterling family attorney who is aware of the GoFundMe and has asked me to call back tomorrow, as the family is (naturally) overwhelmed at this time. Will keep you all posted. In the meantime, keep spreading the word!”

She later shared an update about increasing the goal to $200,000.

“Wow! $100k in 6 hours. This is so powerful,” she wrote. “Can we get to $200k? I’m doubling my pledge. That would be $40k for each of his 5 kids to go to college. Thank you all for uniting through the pain.”

The campaign has since passed its $200,000 goal by over $125,000 in less than 24 hours from 11,000 donors. It has been shared 31,000 times on Facebook and Twitter.

Many have voiced their support for the fundraiser.

“Damn. Thank you so much, Issa for using your platform and doin’ this,” wrote Hope Freeman on the GoFundMe page. “Bless you, sis.”

Shyne Coldchain also praised the campaign on Twitter.

MTD called it the “coolest thing” he’s seen all day.

But it was also met with some skepticism. Several commenters have questioned the validity of the campaign. They wondered if all the funds raised would go toward the children’s higher education and if remaining amounts would be donated for funeral costs.

“I love seeing how the community is pulling together to assist the Sterling family,” wrote Nesta Howell. “I was wondering since the donations exceeded the goal amount, will the remainder go to funeral expenses or will all of it go towards the children’s college fund?”

“I was wondering the same thing,” Fiona Davis responded. “And I hope she is free to use this money however she needs to. I’ve been looking for a way to donate that goes to her directly so she can just focus on taking care of her family.”

A financial adviser from Texas encouraged Rae to set up a tax-advantaged college savings plan to help the family retain as much of the funds as possible.

“I’m sure you’ve considered a number of options for the funds that you raise and, I’m not sure what your plans are for the funds once you’ve reached your goal,” wrote Fred Reynolds. “However, I would encourage you to look into opening a 529 College Savings plan. I hope this money truly helps this family.”

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70 thoughts on “Issa Rae Raises $325K in Less Than 24 Hours to Send Alton Sterling’s Children to College: ‘This is So Powerful’

  1. Debbie Ward says:

    Come on people wake up when has the Obamas ever condemned the killing of black people in America his children are celebrating their birthdays his wife looks beautiful in all the lovely clothes yet he sits there and never condemns the murder of all the black people in America shame on the Obamas

  2. Hope Novak says:

    You obviously have your own agenda and pay no attention to our President. Plus your comment has nothing to do with this great article. Get out of here and go educate yourself.

  3. Hope Novak probably a plant….but decidedly evil!

  4. What about the poor cop that died at the hand of a thug last week. Where's the scholarship money for his kids? Or taylor's family?

  5. Sherry Dawn says:

    Learn how to spell children

  6. How do you know he was a thug? Did you know him personally?

  7. Tiffany Jay says:

    Why are you even here?

  8. Toya Latrice says:

    That's the police forces responsibility ma'am , go troll somewhere else

  9. We've got to learn to leave the trolls alone, you know…

  10. Start a go fund me in their name, surely you can do that.

  11. I think he was being ignorant about the word children, you know he might loose his job over his comment. Let a police stop his child and abuse them.

  12. Here's another little cowardly troll who only has courage when he's on a keyboard.

  13. Corey Riley says:

    Kelley Leverett. Racist cunt.

  14. Corey Riley says:

    Sandra Hamilton Exactly. He doesn't understand the struggle of living while black in this country because his skin is white but I guarantee his coward ass couldn't walk a yard in our shoes. My goal is to research and find out where this KKK affiliate works.

  15. And why do you exist? Another disguised KKK member.

  16. Corey Riley actually he's a Nazi living in Mobile, Alabama–the power of social media

  17. Jason Nelson says:

    And i bet american wants all the taxes of the money donated but not willing to give him justice.

  18. Matthew Domer STFU with your selective outrage. You completely ignored what the OP said.

  19. Tee Cee says:

    Warren David McDonald thank you

  20. Tiffany Jay says:

    and what you also don't understand is that was not known at the time of his murder. They didn't even know his name.

  21. Tiffany Jay says:

    Matthew Domer You can't really tell Sharon how to feel/what to say. Part of the trouble is Caucasian people telling us "you're grieving the wrong way… here's how to do it." That's not your place. If you are really interested in what's going on with us and how we can stop these heinous acts and racism, talk to your White brothers and sisters. Re-educating the oppressor about our struggle? Not our job. That's for YOU guys to learn.

    I know Sharon hurled an insult, and I think it was rightfully placed. We Black people have been far too forgiving, and White people know it… and are scared. "Negroes, sweet and docile, meek, humble and kind: beware the day they change their mind!" ~ Langston Hughes

  22. Bianca Siano says:

    Life is life. Only God can judge… they did not handle this the right way neither did they handle all other deaths the right way… he was innocent.. as far as the sex offender he was 19 and she was 15 it was consensual the mother pressed charges when she got pregnant.. and his other criminal charges were possession of weapons… the media tries to describe his background as for of justification.. shame on u and shame on them

  23. Bianca Siano says:

    Racist … clearly…

  24. Bianca Siano says:

    Аня Кроули get bur facts right .. he never molested anyone… he had a relationship with a minor and the mom pressed charges

  25. How do you know he didn't put anything away for his children? That may be your racial bias at work. Issa Rae did a beautiful thing, and all you can do is be hateful. Your comment just shows what a negative, uncaring person you are.

  26. Tiffany Jay says:

    Aaaaaand here are the racists and #bluelivesmatter set… RIGHT ON TIME.

    Had someone set up a GoFundMe for those people, Alicia, surely they would have been funded.

    And Kelly… You sad… sad little man. I pity you, your ignorance and your cold, hateful heart.

  27. Bianca Siano The media is reporting particular incidents for a reason. It's to incite anger and raise civil unrest and create more racial tension. Police murder people everyday of every color. The media carefully picks what to report and what not to report. Until we the people demand transparency and the actual truth, this will continue to happen. There is NO justice left in this country. The only people who answer to the law are the poor.

  28. Paul O Beale says:

    I remember you editing a film I directed some 10 years ago… so when I saw your name I imediately recognised it.. Great work

  29. Аня Кроули
    As we all can see on his rap sheet, he served his time for all of his previous crimes. No one is excusing the fact that he made incredibly poor choices in his life. But the police didn't kill him for his past. They didn't even know about it and even if they did, they were not authorized to deal that man a death sentence whilst he stood outside of a store selling CDs. Wtf is so difficult for people to understand about how the justice system is supposed to work!?!? He was shot dead while restrained at point blank range for being black with a gun in an open carry state.

  30. Sadly the children are much better off due to his death than ever in his life.

  31. Annie Vautrin Well I would have rather the man got the 10 years or even whatever the maximum sentence was for the crime of carrying a gun as a convicted felon, because I almost certain that it would have been less harsh than the death penalty which is what he ended up with. I plead my case.

  32. Constance Packard You may be right Constance, but considering he was more than $25000.00 behind in child support payments it's doubtful. Like most deadbeat dads of any color, white, black or green with polkadot their priority is themselves.

  33. Sharon E. Young Responding with additional racism isn't helpful. Call him a racist, not a "krakka". By responding with racist comments you nullify your complaint.

  34. Benita Winn says:

    Wendell Woodard why is that because of the money that was raised? I think they would rather have their father in their lives whether he was behind on child support or not. Do your family feel better off you killed because you are behind on a bill that warrants death?

  35. Dennis Moore says:

    First Degree Murder Definition::
    In most states, first-degree murder is defined as an unlawful killing that is both willful and premeditated, meaning that it was committed after planning or "lying in wait" for the victim.

    Second-degree murder is ordinarily defined as:
    1) an intentional killing that is not premeditated or planned, nor committed in a reasonable "heat of passion"; or
    2) a killing caused by dangerous conduct and the offender's obvious lack of concern for human life

    But over and over again……
    Prosecutors "purposely" continue to charge officer's with first degree murder, and proving first degree murder is difficult, because it has to be "both willful and premeditated".

    DA's & Prosecutors know exactly what they are doing to appease the public, by charging and prosecuting, but then failing to convict for lack of "first degree evidence" (premeditation).
    Ultimately staying in favor with law enforcement, and covering their own butts on both sides at the same time.
    Case on point, Zimmerman in Florida.

    Charge these bastards with what it is, "An opportunity killing"_ Second Degree Murder_ and we will have more convictions of murdering police officers in this country.
    Let's see if the Prosecutors can get it right this time.

  36. There's another thing I don't get. People screaming about more strict gun control and then when a felon is in possession of an illegal firearm no one says shit. The double standard there is baffling.

  37. Gigi Moore says:

    Аня Кроули okay you have a so called answer for this death but how about Philo n the SECOND black man killed in TWO days…NO criminal record told police he had a permit for his gun reached for his i.d as asked and STILL got shot to death what's your response on this matter? ?! OH AND DID I MENTION HE HAD NO. CriMINAL RECORD SMFH SHAME ON YOU AND YOUR JUDGEMENTAL COMMENT

  38. Gigi Moore says:

    And YOU sir would be much better without a profile pic lmao who raised you. .hopefully no one with a mirror

  39. Gigi Moore I never said the cops were in the right. Please go back and read everything I have written. Then come back and try to say something that is actually based on reality. I have no answers for the lack of justice here. What I do question is why people are glorifying a career criminal.

  40. Vivian Weeks says:

    I suppose Black Lives Matter only when you are dead and a GoFundMe campaign is successful for your children? Wendell Woodard why do you think that is it the case? Could it be because "People of Color" are treated very differently when interacting with the criminal justice system?

  41. YES YES about time come on celebrties especially black ones it took all of this to get some kind of attention for victims of crime those of us who have already been here know and we also know it is LONG OVER DUE we have been crying about violence for over 30 years NOW

  42. Аня Кроули no one is glorifying a crimimal..his past arrest had NOTHING to do with what happened the night he was killed. And if it wasn't for the media posting an irrelevant police record, you wouldn't even have known that about him. The fact of the matter is that those police officers murdered him and that is a crime..but you aren't calling the officers criminals and thugs..are you?

  43. Tyger Madenda it's illegal to carry a firearm as a felon. Period. You can't even purchase a firearm legally as a felon. You won't pass the NCIS background check. Open carry state or not. Being caught with a gun when you're a felon can get you 10 years at minimum.

  44. I can read just you can try reading too. What was your point in mentioning his past criminal record that had absolutely nothing to do with his murder?

  45. Shardae Griffin your point? Because all you did was quote my original comment while completely ignoring everything else I have said.

  46. Аня Кроули the problem is that it's comments liker the one u made that makes no sense. He is not dead because of a burglary that he served time for already..he wasn't killed because of a relationship he had with a minor when he was 21..he wasn't killed for any of those past when u say..well he was a crimimal…in my opinion it contradicts u saying that u don't believe the officers were right…if u really believe that them stop trying to justify his death by bringing up old shit

  47. Аня Кроули lol maybe u can't understand my point because you don't want to..I posted your original comment because it was why I replied..since u assume I can't read just because I don't agree with u. It does not matter what his criminal record is..that's my point since u missed it…it's irrelevant because it didn't play any part in his murder. So yes..he is innocent

  48. Аня Кроули again..his record is irrelevant..when the police got the call of an armed suspect..they did not receive a name dispatched to them..that means when they arrived on the scene, they had to have confronted him first and identify him. So how would they know his public record without first knowing his name? They weren't even sure he was armed until physically searching him. You want to know how many victims of police shootings have fund raisers? The fundraiser is set up for his kids. Not the victim. Your upset because people want to help his kids who no longer have a father to support them? Fyi..he already served time for his past mistakes so let's not destroy the man's current character. There are many fundraisers set up for families of victims to police shootings..look them up since you don't know. Yet another many victims of police shootings..why are we not pulling up negative reports for these officers to demolish their character?

  49. Shardae Griffin you can't read either. Seriously. Go back and read everything I have posted. Then come back and try to comment something based in context and reality.

  50. A police officer is armed with a taser..a baton ..pepper spray..and a gun..they could have sprayed him with the pepper spray to get control of they felt he was reaching for a gun..which I find hard to believe when u have one officer sitting on one arm and the other officer restraining the other arm. Out of all the times he has been arrested with a history of violence towards police and somehow the officers that arrested him then managed to not kill him

  51. But continue to be mad .it's your opionion that his kids should suffer because of his past record.

  52. Shardae Griffin you are reading into what I'm saying as that I'm mad? LMFAO! No! I'm not mad. I'm baffled. I'm floored at the publics reaponse to this. I'm hardly mad. I weep for this country and the direction it's headed. When a man who is a convicted sex offender can be vilified, murdered and then myrtered. And within days the people take up arms and begin to snipe police officers half way across the country. It's absolutely insane is what it is. This country has lost its damn mind.

  53. Tiffany Jay says:

    Аня Кроули The thing is… he served his time for his crimes. This was not what that was about. The store owner stated that this was not the man he called about. In situations like this, it always happen when people of color are involved: they bring up their criminal past to vilify the victim. Remember Harambe? The family's past was brought into play, and people were talking about filing charges against them for that accident. It didn't happen for the family whose toddler was drowned by the gator. Nothing but sympathy was given.

  54. Ben Wright says:

    Donated! RIP

  55. People.. Please don't feed the trolls..

  56. I guess the guy in Dallas will get away with murder because the police blew his ass away. Dennis what are you smokling it must be good stuff because you are in never never land.

  57. Sean Shaver says:

    Well, the dirt bag owed thousands in child support, so I guess someone needs to take care of his kids.

  58. This is what's called having a tic in the brain. You know, when no matter the actual topic of a discussion, a person is so obsessed with one issue (their tic), that s/he finds a way to make the conversation about his/her tic. Lot of people these days with the President Obama psychological tic. Pitiful. Will be interesting to see to what entity they transfer their tic when he leaves office. I fear some will continue with their ramblings about President Obama years from now, even when the conversation is about popcorn.

  59. Аня Кроули Well if you never stated that the police are right in this situation, why are u bringing up his past? What justification does that give?? He was violently EXECUTED by the same people who swore an oath to protect him. No one should be judge, jury and executioner (all in one). He paid his debt to society? What if u were mourning your parents death, and we brought up ALL the wrong doings in their life?? GTFOH with that stupidity.

  60. Tommy Lewis says:

    I wonder if went into your background and spoke to your frirnds and family what dirt would we find on you. The money is for his family. He was executed for no reason. That was a vety ignorant statement you made. His son could be reading your post.

  61. Tommy Lewis says:

    I guess you just proved you have a low morals. Money is the servant not the man. Money is replaceable not the man. You all love your oppresors.

  62. Tommy Lewis says:

    Аня Кроули an armed suspect means that he was under investigation in which he wasnt. Secondly he had a license to carry a gun. Any other ignorant remarks?

  63. When you a commit a crime you go to jail and serve time for that crime he served his time CRIMINAL or not no one deserves to be murdered the cops don't get paid to be the judge jury & God I'm against all violence this wasn't right these cops need to be held accountable for what they did I'm tired if seeing the same thing on the news. Better police training is needed

  64. Ian Provost says:

    Some people value what can't be replaced, some don't hold any attachments, I guess you'd sell your soul…

  65. Ian Provost says:

    Wendell WoodardIf you haven't walked a mile… I personally know someone behind on child support and only due to spite and my friend not collecting receipts. Don't be so quick to judge when you have no video…Get it…We got the video…

  66. Ian Provost says:

    From what I've read in other posts about white people being killed by police more often. Why not start a go fund me page for one of their families instead of trolling here? Post a link, I'd contribute…

  67. Binary reason aka the science of logic, something that seems to be lacking here.

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