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Black Podcaster Questions Why Jon Stewart Goes Viral for Trump Rant When Noah and Wilmore Have Pointed to His Faults All Along

Facebook/Comedy Central

Facebook/Comedy Central

Jon Stewart made his return to late-night TV with a fiery rant on the Republican National Convention Thursday. In the now viral monologue, the former “Daily Show” host went after Donald Trump’s supporters and also attacked political commentator Sean Hannity. Though his tirade was celebrated, one Black man is questioning why Black late night talk-show hosts who have made the same points earlier receive no acclaim.

Stewart’s appearance on CBS’ “Late Night” saw him take over colleague Stephen Colbert’s spot at the desk to call out Republicans for more than 10 minutes.

“I’m sure it’s easy for people without ethics or principles to embrace someone who embodies everything they said they hated about the previous president for the past eight years,” Stewart said of Fox News’ Hannity and his hypocrisy.

He wrapped up with a final message for backers of Trump.

“This country isn’t yours,” he said. “You don’t own it! You don’t own patriotism, you don’t own Christianity. You sure as hell don’t own respect for military, police and firefighters.”

Roderick Morrow – known as @rodimusprime on Twitter – pointed out that “The Daily Show” successor Trevor Noah and “The Nightly Show’s” Larry Wilmore have been ignored for making the same arguments.

He found it funny that Stewart went viral when Noah and Wilmore are current late-night show hosts who offer political commentary each day.

@TeritaTweets agreed the hosts’ blackness was the culprit.

Morrow spent time pointing out to doubters that race was the reason the two Black men’s opinions were glossed over.

He ultimately had to post a separate series of tweets to make his stance known.

He also put down the argument that Noah and Wilmore’s lower popularity is based on them being less funny.

And he questioned why people found Stewart so comical when, according to the podcast host, the comedian lost viewers in his last few years at “The Daily Show.”

He dismissed the response as “wack” because it took a white man to make people understand the issues with the Republican party.

Morrow blames others’ insecurities for their lack of understanding.

And sarcastically says race is not a factor.

To prove his point, he links to a video where Stewart admits to racism contributing to his increased attention.

Morrow continued the talk by discussing Wilmore’s behind-the-scenes achievements with followers, retweeting the conversation.

See Stewart’s “Late Night” appearance below.

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7 thoughts on “Black Podcaster Questions Why Jon Stewart Goes Viral for Trump Rant When Noah and Wilmore Have Pointed to His Faults All Along

  1. Does this guy even consider the possibility that Jon may be a lot better entertainer than Trevor and Larry? I like all three of them. But Jon is not just better, he is a giant and the other two are lilliputs in comparison.

  2. I like and watch all three of them.

  3. Also take into account that Stewart's appearance was a one-off coming out of retirement of a established mega-star, while Noah and Wilmore appear four times a week. The rarity of the event will have played a major part in why it drew so much attention, and that is in no way a knock on current satirists – including white guys like Bill Maher, Seth Myers, and white-non-guy Samantha Bee, who also drew less attention than Stewart. Plus Stewart was nothing short of brilliant.

  4. Jim McBride says:

    Trevor Noah is more relvant and has been a huge improvement as the host but Jon Stewart while also good is a white boy so he will get more attention because of that

  5. David Riley says:

    why? because's he's jon stewarrt and hasn't been on television since leaving "the daily show".
    i watch noah and wilmore regularly, but i'm pretty sure htey are not the ONLY ones to point out trump's faults. bill maher does it, too, but not sure if he goes viral with it, but he's still on television every week.

  6. JC Young says:

    Maybe it's because Colbert's show on free TV.

  7. The same is true for Samantha Bee, John Oliver, Colbert, Meyers, Fallon… They have all been ripping Trump regularly, but none of their individual pieces gets the coverage anywhere near the one that Jon got.
    So, in this particular case, it doesn't seem like a race thing. It's just that Jon is an icon and people miss him badly – of course his coming out of "retirement" is going to blow up. I watch and love John, Trevor, Samantha and the lot, but still occasionally google the latest mentions of Jon Stewart, hoping to catch some news of him coming back to TV in some form. 🙂

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