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Tavis Smiley May Have Found the Best Name for Sheriff Clarke that Perfectly Explains His Presence at the RNC

On Monday’s MSNBC Live, writer, political commentator and TV host Tavis Smiley comments on Milwaukee County, Wisconsin Sheriff David Clarke’s speech at the Republican National Convention, claiming the Black Lives Matter movement is anarchy and proclaiming that Blue Lives Matter to thunderous applause.

Smiley calls Clarke a political sycophant or in layman’s terms, a bootlicker, yes-man, a stooge. he adds that the Republican party are scapegoating  BLM and ignoring the real issue of police brutality.

Smiley: It is always easy to find these sort of political sycophants who are willing to stand up and advance these sort of simple slogans and rosy rhetoric but can’t get to a real conversation about what’s at stake here. What’s at stake here is not just the lives of cops. And there’s no one in the country who doesn’t believe that Blue Lives Matter, indeed they do. The question is when do we get around to appreciating, to valuing the sanctity, the humanity, and the dignity of Black life? That’s what’s at the stake. That’s why Black Lives Matter is in the streets protesting. I think protest has its place. And when I hear the sheriff referring to the Black Lives Matter movement as anarchy, first of all I don’t think that’s the case, but if it is the case I think the Boston Tea Party could be called anarchy. But we wouldn’t be here without it.


Maddow: You saw the way that Sheriff Clarke there, the rest of his remarks received, sort of tacitly I think, by the crowd. But when he came out and screamed “blue lives matter” at the very beginning, the reason he had to raise his voice was to overcome the audience and the standing ovation. What do you make of how much of a flash point that movement has become on the right?


Smiley: In a word Rachel, brilliant question, it’s scapegoating. That’s what it is. It’s scapegoating. And that’s what happens when you don’t want to address the issue that’s at stake. Again, I repeat, it’s about the humanity, and the dignity, and the sanctity of Black life.

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15 thoughts on “Tavis Smiley May Have Found the Best Name for Sheriff Clarke that Perfectly Explains His Presence at the RNC

  1. Perfect! Well said, Tavis Smiley.

  2. Have you ever wondered why Sheriff Clark is never seen without his uniform. Because he knows that without it he would have the same issues that he supports

  3. Amigo Kandu says:

    Sheriff Clarke, just like many capable leaders, runs a large law enforcement department. He deals with many problems on many levels. Tavis, go interview Sheriff Clarke one-on-one, ask him how many officers he has fired for bad actions on the job. Sheriff Clarke polices his own department, while protecting and serving his community. I would like any of my children, and grandchildren to work for such a leader. You got your career, and he has his…wanna trade places?

  4. What evidence do you have to support your information?

  5. Roy Jones says:

    I think I just head a mic hit the floor.

  6. Sarah Burk says:

    @James – You should sign a petition asking Obama to make BLM a terrorist organization.

  7. Because little Dickey is a Trump TROLL.

  8. Sarah Burk says:

    If you actually listen to David Clarke, you know he is a man of integrity and huge courage. Many in the black community call him all kinds of names and villify him because he has the backbone to speak the truth, even though he knows it will bring huge controversy his way. With all the crazies in BLM, he might even be placing his life in danger. Everyone should support Clarke as he shines the light of truth on a dangerous organization.

  9. Girard Hull says:

    @James Green -So sad, but so damn true.

  10. Now that he's done their dirt, they've cast him to the wolves. Check the news. Federal civil lawsuit against him and 4 of his officers.

  11. Sir, I've been saying that about him for the last 3 yrs. In fact, I once sent over 1500 emails to his office one day suggesting he pack his badge and gun away and live in the South as a regular black man for a month. You are dead on it.

  12. Roy Jones says:

    Sarah Burk The fact that BLM rattles your cage doesn't make them terrorists,

  13. Roy Jones says:

    Sheriff Clarke might be everything you say he is but none of that makes any of his public comments above question.

  14. James Green says:

    Giselle Miller oh i would definitely love to check it out, so if you have a link at had could you send it over to me…thank you, and i wish you peace and blessings

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