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Watch: Don Lemon Quickly Shuts Down Sheriff Clarke’s Attack on Black Lives Matter the Only Way He Could 

On Sunday’s CNN Tonight, Wisconsin sheriff David Clarke and Don Lemon square off over the Baton Rouge, Louisiana shooter Gavin Eugene Long and an alleged atmosphere of violence toward cops in wake of the Black Lives Matter movement.

In the heated exchange, the conservative commentator believes the Black Lives Matter movement has created an atmosphere of anti-police sentiment.

Lemon asks the sheriff to analyze the recent shooting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana that claimed the lives of three police officers and wounded three more.

Clarke disrespects, over-talks and interrupts Lemon to point out that he “predicted” that cops would be harmed because of the movement.

However, the sheriff does not point out that police have been killed in the line of duty prior to the anti-police brutality movement.

Watch their conversation after the abrupt commercial break below….things didn’t get much better.

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54 thoughts on “Watch: Don Lemon Quickly Shuts Down Sheriff Clarke’s Attack on Black Lives Matter the Only Way He Could 

  1. Joseph Berry says:

    Don Lemon needs to go back to school ! The sheriff knew his stuff!

  2. Although Don Lemon repeatedly "says" he wants a conversation, it is clear that Lemon doesn't want to hear the truths of Sheriff Clarke's conversation.

    Thank goodness for strong leaders such as Sheriff Clarke who refuse to kowtow to false media narratives.

  3. Invite me onto that Rag Show and I will blow his lid off. Lemonhead is a deaf idiot. He onlt hears and beleives what his bosses and co workers beleive. The Sheriff has a point and he did come out over two years ago and predicted this.

    Analize the Shooting? You cannot without getting to the root of the problem. The Anti Police/BLM is nothing more than a means to get hipsters to come out and finally meet people of color and pretend to be a part of something. Say, who funds the BLM?

  4. Vic Stafford says:

    BLM is anti BAD police!

  5. Because 2/3rds of Black people live in high density, higher crime, Urban areas. Stop pretending its a skin color and not a culture.

  6. 2/3 of the police stops happens to black people. According to APA police officers believe black boy are less innocent than white boys.

  7. Von Bailey says:

    The sheriff is a racist uncle tom who has spent to much time getting his head patted on FOX.

  8. Jose Garcia says:

    That sheriff really has in for Black people.

  9. David Kollar says:

    he does not have it in for black people, he has it in for anyone who is against the police simply because they are the police

  10. Vic Stafford says:

    Don Lemon is a wimp. He did not "quickly shut down" anybody.

  11. Tranquila BA : Yea. Jesus would tell you to "stay loyal" to the Black race, no matter how much it destroys itself like a cancer while white-socialists and rich democrats dance at your funerals, laughing their asses off at your "loyalty."

  12. Valor Univ says:

    Jose Garcia I seen black people like that before…. many of them are in the military, sucking up to their superiors in hopes to gain stars/stripes by throwing their peers of color under the bus.

  13. Michael Sean says:

    No such thing as Black on Black crime…….theres only Crime! CRIME is neutral and doesn't have a color, it happens to any and everyone indiscriminately. Police have No business even making it park of the discussion…..As it is there job to stop it, fight it and make sure it brought to justice. For cops to lean on the racial aspects of crime prejudices there ability to carry out their duties in a just manner…..Profiling, allows them to look over some crimes, inorder to target others. Crime is crime. PROFILING get inoccent peoples rights violated.

  14. David Kollar says:

    Bryant Turner perhaps you should, your condesending remarks certainly demonstrate your open mindedness. Clearly your not looking for a discussion on this matter, you'd rather just be the loudest voice in the room because that always works best. You must be one of those individuals who believes No Justice No Peace even if it means hurting others and allowing them to go without justice.

  15. David Kollar says:

    if he disagrees with your point of view he's a sell out or a stooge unlike you who is a free thinker, Maybe you need to take a look at how you look at the world first before speaking out loud again

  16. David Kollar says:

    jimmy your numbers are seriously off, 2/3 is way to high despite what you think. The videos and stories just give the illusion that the majority of situations/stops occur to blacks but it is well under 50%

  17. David Kollar says:

    Don Lemon, for his part is trying not to take a side but trying to get the sherrif to move more to the middle, or express a means to understand the other point of view in its most well intentioned version

  18. So just like always they use the same tactic to undermine every black movement. The fear and miss formation game. Not accepting the fact that both of these young men were veterans and trained by the government. Listen a white man just killed two officers and injuried others but I didn't see any press about it on the news. These are calculated steps to continue to demonize and disenfranchise a group of people who are clearly just protesting for JUSTICE. My heart goes out to everyone who's life has been taking due to gun Violence. Even thought there are many of us that know BLM was created to do just what it's doing, to portray Blacks as the next terrorist in America. The group (BLM) is funded by the Kouch brothers, people of whichI believe have no interest in Black Lives Ever Mattering to anyone not even themselves. He's spreading fear against a group that's showing support for poor and disenfranchised blacks being innocently killed!!!!

  19. The two problems that BLM architects don't want to divulge is: Black Americans live in a bubble, and all of their data and corellations are nothing but skewed bullshit, meant to energize a failing black voter base in the upcoming election. In 40 of America's largest 50 cities, whites are a minority. That's 80% of all our urban areas, yet blacks make up only 13% of the total population. That means you are 6x more likely to find a person of color in a city than in the country or suburbs. And in these urban areas, minorities are likely to be over represented by 500% in the public sector EXCEPT law enforcement. So many black Americans wake up in a black neighborhood, turn on BET, listen to terrestrial radio dominated by black artists, watch sports where blacks are the overwhelming majority of athletes, go to bkack schools, black colleges, have all black faculty and administration, say hi to the black mail man, the black bus driver, and go to movies where Hollywood over represents them again. Now, after all this, the only meaningful interactions with white people seem to be… the Police. It's a shallow, stupid, almost xenophobic reaction that is as racist as it is ironic, yet, there it is. And… Here go the leftists and democrats again, promising to save you from the "bogey man" responsible for all your plight. There is no racial superiority. There is no racial inferiority. There is only cultural deficiency, and until Black America stops celebrating the chip on their shoulder and being manipulated by socialists, they are going to continue to alienate themselves from reality, and watch as every other non-white population continues to prosper.

  20. Jay Giordano says:

    Vic Stafford they have cheered for dead cops, cheered when cop was paralyzed, be real here

  21. Jay Giordano says:

    So why chant for dead cops or cheer when cops are crushed by cinderblocks

  22. Jay Giordano says:

    Are all these stops conducted by white officers or are black cops against black kids also

  23. David Kollar That's mighty white of you to say so. I'm really impressed with you and your 'stoodge' and 'sellout' vocabulary. Perhaps I should negate my opinion and the sum of my experiences to think just like you!

  24. David Kollar :How about fuck the middle? Why does one side of an argument have to keep "listening" and "communicating better" every time the opposition acts out in stupidity and violence. The shed did does need to compromise or appease the idiotic sentiment t of Lemon or BLM phonies.

  25. David Kollar says:

    he is not a wimp, and more importantly his job is not to shut down any one but to get them to express an opinion. In this case Sherrif Clark felt he was pro BLM because he was presenting a positive BLM view point.

  26. David Kollar Not only did you put words like 'stoode' and 'sellout' into my mouth, you now add "No Justice No Peace even if it means hurting others and allowing them to go without justice" You speak of condescension seemingly without any self-awareness of the pomposity with which you write. LISTEN TO YOURSELF! Then, if you ever manage to take your thumbs out of your ears, try listening to someone else. You might actually learn something….but probably not since you already seem to already know everything anyway.

  27. Jay Giordano that is hear say and ignorance is being showed on both sides. This isn't the first time a organized group of people have chanted obscenities at the police. The words no justice no peace are more powerful then f**k the police which is directed at crooked Police Officers that terrorize poor black communities. The reality of the situation is you have a group of people who has continued to see police injustices in their communities for decades from their grandfather to their father to them and Now they are seeing their children have to go through the same thing because of a stereotype or the simple fact that they have black skin is hard for todays African American to accept.

  28. police are evik

  29. Michael Sean says:

    Jay Giordano …It's getting hard to tell a good cop from a bad cop for some people. Especialy when "good" cops, say or do nothing about the bad cops. (Positive + Negative = Negative)

  30. Probably because there isn't an epidemic of white on white crime.

  31. Johnny Ortiz says:

    Seemed a little staged to me..why keep repeating "rhetoric", but yet, he is being rhetoric. So staged…He's being fed his lines thru his ear piece. And to call the POTUS A LIE? WTF!…jus saying open yours ears and eyes ppl…did he get told to resign yet, is he still in office as a sheriff???????

  32. Refreshing to see more than a sound bite from the sheriff so you can be SURE he is an idiot. He get's airtime because he parrots the narative… So when asked DIRECT questions, he's all over the road… Why is thee NEVER a discussion about the numbers of "White on White" crime ??? Marinate on that for a minute……

  33. David Kollar It is now a journalists "job" to move the opinion of the people they interview?? That is the exact opposite of what a journalist is supposed to do. No wonder people have such a very low regard for today's media/

  34. Hoji Santana says:

    Yes, yes, yes, let's hold the police to lower standards than the criminals shall we!?!? If black people kill black people while engaging in crime, why is anybody outraged when police help add to the death count? Isn't that such logical justification to kill people like dogs and get awat with it?!? Shoot, it's the same argument for those bloody muslims, If they want to blow themselves up, what's the big deal when they're carpet bombed to oblivion??? All muslims want to die early and the army is helping get to Allah quicker, so why should we care about the deaths of muslims or black people if they don't like living??? Kill evryone is the logic of the day… Nothing will help you all!!!

  35. Hoji Santana says:

    David Kollar I guess in your view of the World, women are treated and VIEWED as equals in society and have never had any issues in American society and the minute there was issue, it was resolved overnight… Great logic there… If you haven't experienced life as a black person, then please step to the side with YOUR narrow minded opinions… You're the one being offensive here! Now go do one you twat!

  36. Hoji Santana says:

    Wilfred Robert You lay all these arguments down, yet act like it wasn't done by design!!! Like it's a coincedence or something that whites happen to live in more vavourable areas than blacks and there is no effort to keep things the way they are. No, no, no, and slavery was also varourable to us because your ancestors provided shelter and clothing for the slaves and once slavery was abolished, white people just handed over equal power and rights to black peolpe and live has been perfect in America ever since!!! How dare these coons complain! Typical….

  37. Wilfred Robert 2/3 of black people does not live in high crime area.

  38. Javier Farje says:

    Thank goodness I live in the UK. I would not like to have that thug as a police sheriff looking after my safety. Don Lemon gave that bully a lesson in civility.

  39. David Kollar says:

    Hoji Santana yeah i must be narrow minded because i try to look at both sides of an issue. Just because you have been wronged does not give you or anyone else the right to go out and do whatever you wish and feel justified in doing so. That is the whole point behind where this discussion started, but feel free to take it where ever you feel the need to go

  40. David Kollar Why don't you give it a break? You're obviously out of your league here. You think you are that ''reasonable man of torts" but you are not. You are just another 2 bit philosopher king befuddled & confused that the world does not conform to the narrative you've chosen to buy into. This is getting tedious…just give it a break!

  41. Swanson Sam says:

    You don't see how putting down a black for having his/her own opinion is predjudicial. Isn't that what your master did…told you how to think and what to say and now you do it to your brother. smh.

  42. Swanson Sam says:

    Lol…Clarke has done great things in Milwaukee. He wasn't wearing an ear piece, that was lemon…..

  43. Just like they show republicans making racist statements or police officers telling a young black woman he would light her up if she didn't put her cigarette out to only find out later she so called Killed herself. So there's ignorance on both sides but one side is paid to protect the other. Took an Oath!!!! Chanting pigs in a blanket is wrong but using your Authority to committe homicide because your having a bad day or for any other reason is sinister. I respect police officers but the facts are that to many of them white and black stereotyping and using excessive force for no reason in to many cases!!!!

  44. Swanson Sam says:

    Raymond Valor-University Clarke is very successful. He has done great things in Milwaukee. They love him there. He's been Sheriff since 2002.

  45. Swanson Sam says:

    Jay Giordano apparently no "data" on that. Lolzz

  46. Swanson Sam …but when that brother agrees with you, he's okay then, right? Guess that makes me a bad negro. Send your sister over when she gets tired of inbreeding with you.

  47. Swanson Sam says:

    Wilfred Robert yep and that is what is happening with all the black on black murder. Whitey is saying keep on going. Wipe each other out. Be our guest and BLM fools don't even see it. LMFAO.

  48. Swanson Sam says:

    David Kollar Don Lemon is a racist baiter and not a journalist. He is an activist. His reporting on the Ferguson situation confirmed it in my mind.

  49. Swanson Sam says:

    I never heard a direct question asked of Clarke. LMFAO. Clarke had facts and debunked the BS obama tried to pawn off in his speeches as fact re: blacks being targeted by the cops, cops kill more blacks than whites. Lemon agreed those studies were debunked. oh and I voted for Obama and I don't have a profile picture either….lol

  50. A.L. Williams No one is arguing that. A white person is indeed more likely to be killed by a white person, just as a black person is more likely to be killed by a black person.

    According to the lastest statistics from Barack Obama's Department of Justice, blacks make up 13% of the U.S. population, yet they commit 52% of the homicides in the United States. That is your epidemic. Blacks are committing genocide … on themselves.

  51. David Neal Dankberg So where is the White on white crime discussion?? Where did you get that 52% number ?

  52. Swanson Sam You did not hear a question because you did not want to hear the questions…. LOL Lemon asked the sheriff "What is your message to the people?". He also asked " Do you know this was because of that?" in response to the sheriff assuming the alleged "anti cop sentiment" is caused by BLM. Pay attention….LOL

  53. Jose Garcia says:

    David Kollar B.S. He called black peole syupid and lazy

  54. successful for whom…. and you cut say nothing without a profile pic. we all know what's up

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