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Watch: Not Even Marc Lamont Hill Can Keep His Composure in the Face of an Ex-NYPD Detective Spewing Racial Ignorance

On today’s edition of CNN’s New Day, professor Marc Lamont Hill and former New York City Police Department detective Harry Houck almost come to blows when Houck states that Black people are prone to criminality.

In the nearly 10-minute video, the former NYPD detective believes that Black people commit the most crime and that cops are the real victims because they are “second-guessed” more than ever.

“That’s why there are more Blacks in jail than there are whites,” Houck states. “They turn it around — the racial demagogues out there — turn it around that the Blacks are being picked on.”

Hill replies that cops should be evaluated by the public because they are public servants just the way “we should second-guess our politicians.”

Houck interrupts and continues to say that Black people are prone to criminality.

“You think Black people are prone to criminality?” Hill asks. “You don’t mean to say that. I’m going to give you a chance to correct [yourself]. You don’t mean that Black people are prone to criminality.”

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26 thoughts on “Watch: Not Even Marc Lamont Hill Can Keep His Composure in the Face of an Ex-NYPD Detective Spewing Racial Ignorance

  1. Ken Williams says:


  2. CB Terry says:

    Oh yea, and #BLAXIT, because I not sure they can or will repent.

  3. Andrea Eddie says:

    Harry Houck is an arrogant hot head who is very bias. Van Jones said it best last week when pointed out on air that Harry's hostiliy towards Van Jones was making Vans point for him.

  4. CB Terry says:

    Statistics on crime mean nothing when Ignoring historic systemic oppression. It is actually an element of control in saying allegations of racism need to be stopped, to allow the mistreatment to continue.

    Ignoring mass incarceration from the time of slaverys abolition, ignoring profiling and prejudice in officers who are likely to over arrest, ignoring arrest quotas and even denying a working definition of racism is all the aim of the White Supremacist.

  5. CB Terry says:

    Colonialism is a manufacturer or madness.
    America must repent, or it will destroy itself.

  6. CB Terry says:

    Oh yea #BLAXIT be sure I'm not sure that they can or will repent.

  7. This man is typical of the reason we have so many racial problems in our country.

  8. That white moderator colluded with Houck to shut Marc Lamont Hill down…he was blatently censored from completing his thoughts and responding to the "statistical" point Houck was making. Space was given to the other two, uninterrupted, but when Marc spoke he was interrupted and not allowed to address fully the implications of what was being said.

  9. Dana Taylor says:

    The stats only represent "reported crimes". I happen to know the white people commit just as much crime, if not more, but because they live in rural areas and small towns a lot of what they do is not reported. In small towns and rural areas there is major theft, heavy use of meth, assaults, etc that we never here about. Urban centers, where most minorities live, are policed totally different, thus skewing what is reported and it's these reports that feed the stats.

  10. Nice to know there is a lot more unreported crimes in rurla areas, yet most people I know who live in rural areas are more apt to report things like theft, drug use, assaults and such. They have no reason not to report those things. Granted you seldom hear about those incidents because they are not plasted over the national news, most they time they are don't even make local news because it does not fit a specific agenda of the media or the political leaders. Those crimes are reported to the police though, and that is what makes up the statistics. If anything Urban dwellers are less likely to report crimes because they don't want to deal with the police out of fear of retaliation from gangs and such.

  11. They will never admit their wrongs agaist black people!

  12. You commit the crime, you do the time. All racist during history have been guilty of mass incarceration and genicid. Not just America. Why in predominently white areas, are there more blacks in prison in that area. They shouldn´t be there in the first p`lace.

  13. They were interupted. lamunt a media whore who gets bouned around when he has worn out his welcome. liberal do not want to discuss. they want to shout you down

  14. Kaviar Lewis says:

    John H. Montgomery Jr. what kind of coon are you???

  15. He was nor cxensored. What you meant lamont a commie didn´t want others to talk

  16. They did everything to redress. Slavery was started b y BLACK muslims. KKK start by the democrate party. 100 percent democrats vote against the Civil Right a nd Voting Rights . Democreats created the Jim Crows. Demomocrats created the welfare plantation. And you still vote democrat

  17. So what colonies do America have.

  18. Facts has nothing to with racism. maybe you go to an accredited school you would learn something

  19. So you are an expert. Every time my home and car was vandelise, it was done by black. I live in mostly white community.

  20. Julie Vruggink Rural areas cops larger area to cover. Also rural area there is less crime to report. Rurals areas are not really a gold mine from black friends

  21. Andrea Eddie says:

    John H Montgomery Jr. does not live in the United States, he has no idea of what we are dealing with here when it comes to race relations. Ignored

  22. Julie – And now that it has become profitable for the cable networks, we now see just how much crime whites commit.

  23. Ahmed Rajahn says:

    John H. Montgomery Jr. Where is your proof do you have the arrest records or photos of those that broke into and vandalized your property?

  24. I'm just extremely weary of all this bullshit.

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