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Marc Lamont Hill’s Devastating Statement on Black Lives: We are Rendered Invincible and When Seen We Are Still Nobody

On Thursday’s edition of Democracy Now! Live, professor and commentator Marc Lamont Hill reflects on the recent killings of 37-year-old Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and 32-year-old Philando Castile in Falcon Heights, Minnesota.

In the short clip, Hill says that Black people can resist, comply, stand still, run, sag pants, or have pants around their waist — they can still be shot by officers.

“If you are a ‘good guy’ it does not matter,” he says. ” The problem is not the people being killed … Fundamentally, we have to deal with the issue of white supremacy.”

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4 thoughts on “Marc Lamont Hill’s Devastating Statement on Black Lives: We are Rendered Invincible and When Seen We Are Still Nobody

  1. So smart ,he is riight

  2. The history of racism in America.

  3. Also taking into consideration that the thought of Reparations, Making Every Black person across the Amerikas and Europe Millionaires in ONE DAY!……and White people in every status class the underbelly of every society… simply unimaginable for White people… they are gonna do all they can to systematically tackle this idea which is closer and closer and nearer an nearer to reality then they could ever fathom.

    We as a people – Children of Slavery – just have to agree and say Yes! We Gonna pay Ourselves. How hard can that possible be….I don't even care if it 's in Bit-Coins lets just do something, please. How can we possibe not take back control!

  4. I personally think, we should listen to White Supremacist, and figure out what do they want exactly…..because I don't see these people making or creating anything positive….no Michael Jackson, Whitney, Ali, Vandross, Tina Turner, Mic Jordan, Barry White, Tyson, Sophia Stewart, Usain Bolt did not come from them….so what do they want…What Greatness are they trying to Make Supreme!

    White Men Especially, have a History of wanting to keep Touching Black people. Male and Female. They always want to put their hands on us…Like Leave us Alone! Go Find one of your own. No White person in Violence or otherwise – in Uniform or Law enforcement or otherwise – should be Touching or Directing Harrassment to Black people that's the LAW of My Black Society! Trademark 2016/07/09 TM.

    Why try and Change a Society we did not make or create. We should look at the weak aspects of our Black Society, Communities and Strengthen it!

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