Fetty Wap Tweets, Then Deletes #AllLivesMatter Post, Claims He Didn’t Know What It Meant




Fetty Wap drew massive criticism online Thursday when he tweeted #AllLivesMatter. The MC shared the post in the wake of the back-to-back shootings of two Black men – Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. Atlanta Black Star reported Sterling was shot and killed at point-blank range July 6 in Baton Rouge as he sold CDs outside a convenience store. Castile died at the hands of a cop the next day in Falcon Heights, Minnesota. He bled out from multiple gunshot wounds when he reached into his pocket to get his wallet at the request of the officer.

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The rapper’s tweet, which he later deleted, was viewed as inappropriate by many, given the recent events.

@BEYNCEcallmeDVA thought Fetty needed to change the marketing plans for his albums since he was not supportive of African-American lives.


@Revasso_Redd saw the tweet as an indication of the MC’s cluelessness about the police brutality Blacks continue to face.

@justTierra announced she was no longer a fan of the star.

Post backlash, Fetty has since posted a statement on racism in America.

He then issued several apologies. The first two were on Twitter.

He followed with an Instagram post with a screenshot of a  conversation between himself and The Daily 411.


“I just was speakin’ for my kids not knowing the full meaning I can take criticism,” he captioned the image in part. “But I’m man enough to apologize.”

Though the Hollywood gossip website forgave him, others have not.

User ladyanarchy took issue with the rapper’s claim he did not know what #AllLivesMatter meant.


Another commenter thought Fetty’s apology was insincere and announced she would not purchase any more of his music.


Still, some have defended the star, believing the New Jersey native’s apology was enough.

One commenter praised the rapper for apologizing and realizing his mistake.


User @yaboyahouse said Fetty probably genuinely did not know what the hashtag meant and thought he should be forgiven.


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