Al Sharpton Perfectly Points Out Blatant Hypocrisy on How the Nation Responds After Mass Shootings to Police Brutality

In today’s edition of “Morning Joe with Joe Scarborough,” Rev. Al Sharpton, commentators Harold Ford Jr., and Michael Steele discuss the recent videos featuring killings of Baton Rouge, Louisiana man Alton Sterling and Falcon Heights, Minnesota man Philando Castile by police.

In the segment, Sharpton says that the National Rifle Association should be saying something about this because both incidents happened in open-carry states.

“You have to deal with the racial aspect but you have to deal with the fact that the training, how to deal with de-escalating a situation, and the penalties,” Sharpton says in regards to policing. “… Until police know they are going to pay, until they see some of them prosecuted … they got to see that they will pay a price.”

The most significant element of the panel’s discussion was about the nation’s silence when police brutality is caught on video. Mass shootings are a time for the nation to come together and heal, but police brutality is ignored routinely.

They all agree that the politicians should be addressing the issue.

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