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Watch: Baltimore Activist Kwame Rose Questions Police Judgement After They Arrived at Peaceful Vigil in Riot Gear

After the killing of Baltimore rapper Lor Scoota this past Saturday, activists and residents are speaking out about the extreme police presence at a vigil held over the weekend.

Atlanta Black Star reported yesterday that the up-and-coming rapper Tyriece Travon Watson — commonly known as Lor Scoota — was shot and killed Saturday evening after leaving a charity basketball game.

Community activist Kwame Rose talks to Baltimore’s WBALTV 11 about BPD’s riot-gear-clad response to the peaceful gathering of supporters.

“I don’t even think that Commissioner [Kevin] Davis or any other Baltimore city police officers were aware that you can have people gathering without having police in riot gear. I don’t think they know the difference between a peaceful vigil and unrest.”

The activist says that the BPD’s response shows that “community policing is not a reality” in the city.

Rose hopes the response is not the same at Lor Scoota’s funeral, which is scheduled for Friday, July 1.

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