This Extremely Disturbing Video Highlights the Dangers Black Women Face at Hands of Police

This past Sunday, Daniel Patrykus caught white officers on video (below) violently arresting a Black teen girl outside of East Towne Mall in Madison, Wisconsin.

Since posting the video on June 21, the arrest has gone viral and sparked outrage from Black community leaders and activists.

Local Madison news outlet WKOW reports that the 18-year-old being punched and kneed in the stomach is Genele Laird. The young woman was arrested for allegedly threatening an East Towne Mall employee with a knife that Sunday.

In the video, the young woman appears to be standing there in handcuffs until an officer runs up to her. He proceeds to knee her and tries to trip her onto the ground. The second officer gets her to the ground after several attempts. Then both officers continue to violently attack the teen with an onslaught of punches to the gut.

Her sister Deirdre Thompson and other family members flew in from Illinois to free her. She is currently in jail for resisting arrest, disorderly conduct while armed, battery to a police officer, and discharging bodily fluids.

The Facebook video is below:

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