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Kevin Hart Fuels Speculation on Home Burglary, Jokingly Provokes Fans to Help Identify the Suspect



Comedian-actor Kevin Hart seemed to take the news of his home robbery in stride last week, but yesterday the star took on the robber head on, posting his photo on Instagram. But the joke was on fans – the image is actually a stock photo.

Hart used the same image TMZ posted referring to the new crop of celebrity burglaries affecting singer Chris Brown, model Blac Chyna and reality show star Scott Disick. Law enforcement sources told the website there are signs they may be related. Police say all four robberies happened when the celebrities were out of town, and cash and jewelry were lifted. In Hart’s case, $500,000 worth of jewels, clothes and watches were stolen.

As Brown suspected when his aunt was held hostage during a robbery last July, authorities also believe the cases are inside jobs. But there are no suspects at the moment.

That did not stop Hart from poking fun at the situation June 22.


“Here is a picture from the security cameras of the jackass that’s been robbing houses,” Hart wrote. “Real smart move wearing the cool ski mask that shows [your] eyebrows and the bags under [your] eyes. We are on yo a– man.”

Some fans seemed to get the joke. They humorously helped identify the fictional suspect.

“Yo Kevin that’s my cousin,” wrote Emilio.

“Kevin it’s Will Ferrell! Maybe he is upset you didn’t do a sequel to Get Hard!? Case closed,” joked user @palinrules.

As for the other victims in the case deemed the 2016 Bling Ring, the New York Daily News reports looters stole $200,000 worth of cash and jewelry from a safe at Blac Chyna’s home in Tarzana, California. The burglary happened in April.

Brown’s case last year found $50,000 stolen from his home safe. And that wasn’t the first time the “Grass Ain’t Greener” singer was targeted. Atlanta Black Star reports he found a nude woman in his home the same year in May. She tossed out his daughter’s toys and scrawled “I love you” across his kitchen counter.

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