Angela Bassett Unveils Skincare Line for Black Women: ‘I Like People to Feel Good About Their Complexion’



Angela Bassett is launching a new skincare line aimed at issues Black women want to be solved. Bassett recognized there were specific problems darker skinned women faced when it comes to their skin, and available products did not address them. reports the “American Horror Story” actress teamed up with Dr. Barbara Sturm for a specialized high-end skincare line called Darker Skin Tones by Dr. Barbara Sturm. It focuses on reducing inflammation, evening skin tone and reducing hyperpigmentation and pore size.

Bassett told the website she initially used Sturm’s original skin care line to treat breakouts and irritation. But she learned the products did not address discoloration and other issues uniquely faced by Black women.

It took two years to develop the new skincare set, which Sturm said includes ingredients like purslane and skullcap that protect the DNA of cells from age-related dysfunction.

The actress said she wants people to pay more attention to their skin “and to see what is good for it and ingredients that are helpful — and not invasive or irritating.”

I like them to be pleased when they look in the mirror,” she added. “To feel good about themselves and the condition of their complexion.”

Bassett said her assistant suffers from hyperpigmentation and used the product.

“There is a difference between brown and black, and in the end, it would never lighten,” Bassett said of the woman who is also a nanny to her children. “She does not use sunscreen to my knowledge. And even when I think about this, in the park with the kids in the sun, the dark spots get darker as the skin gets darker. You don’t have the opportunity to lighten and normalize or catch up.”

Darker Skin Tones will be released in July at Harrods stores in London and online. The five-item range includes foam cleanser, enzyme cleanser, face cream, face cream rich and a hyaluronic serum. Products range from $58 to $335.

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