This Black Woman is Outraged After White Man Pulls Shotgun, Waves Confederate Flag at Her Over Parking Space

A white man in Henrico County, Virginia vandalized a Black woman’s car, drew his shotgun, and waved a Confederate flag at her over a parking space this past Sunday.

Cierra Mayes tells Virginia’s WTVR CBS 6 News that she was parked in front of 54-year-old Thomas Lee Campbell’s home while attending a community yard sale.

When Mayes and her father came back to her car, she says there were branches jammed into her windshield and other damages to the vehicle.

“That’s when I noticed a yellow note sitting right here on my windshield with big black letters that say F you,” Mayes tells reporters. “I noticed someone was hurrying down their driveway, so I went to the door and I knocked and I rang the doorbell but immediately he came out yelling, saying racial comments.”

After confronting the man, she was met with a shotgun. Mayes says  Campbell pointed the gun at her and went back into the house to grab a Confederate flag.

Then Mayes called authorities.

According to police, Campbell was charged with brandishing a firearm and vandalism.

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