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Chris Brown Uses His Celebrity Status to Help Suicidal Fan – See His Encouraging Response


Chris Brown messaged a troubled fan on Instagram after she reached out to him about her early morning suicidal thoughts. The R&B bad boy flipped the script on his image when he took the time to respond to a direct message in which he told a fan suicide is “never the answer.” He shared a screenshot of the interaction June 21.

“You are thinking of a decision based on your emotions. Life is too hard at times but way too beautiful to check out early. I’ve been there mentally, then I had faith in God!” Brown said, referring to his revelation in his upcoming documentary that he had suicidal thoughts after assaulting then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009.


“I never respond to DM requests but I figured I could help,” the singer wrote in a caption accompanying the image. “I see so many fans in meet [and] greets with cut marks, disabilities etc…. And they tell me how my music has saved their lives. This is the real f—- reason I will never stop making music and being me.”

That wasn’t all he told the fan. He posted another screenshot with more encouraging words.


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“Nobody has the answers, religion, politics, not even our parents in certain cases. But please don’t allow yourself to hate you,” the star shared in part.

Other fans praised the “Grass Ain’t Greener” singer for his support.

“You are truly amazing to write this back this is such an inspiration to read. May God continue to bless you, Chris,” Breen commented.

“I love you for this,” wrote Camry Richardson.

Chris followed up the post with a response from the fan along with some final words of reassurance.

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“Try to empathize with their joy, anger, sadness, dreams, failures, success and then ask yourself what makes them any better or me any less?” he wrote after telling the fan to observe others. “Absolutely nothing.”

Brown’s response Tuesday differs heavily from the way he reacted to singer Kehlani’s suicide attempt in March.

At the time, he accused the 20-year-old of attempting to end her life to gain sympathy.

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