Watch: Is Black Art a Threat to the Powers That Be? Toni Morrison Thinks So

Author Toni Morrison, The Atlantic‘s Ta-Nehisi Coates and poet Sonia Sanchez were part of a panel on “Art and Social Justice” hosted last night by the Stella Adler Studio of Acting at the Ambassador Theatre in New York City.

In the nearly 2-minute clip, Morrison shares her final thoughts on the role of art in keeping power in check and bringing down the powerful, if necessary.

The author, whose work has championed social justice and challenged racism, says that artists have been under attack for their work.

“Dictators, people in office, and people who want to control and deceive know exactly the people who will disturb their plan. Those people are artists,” Morrison states. “They are the ones who tell the truth, and that is something society has to protect. But when you enter that field … it is a dangerous pursuit. Somebody’s out to get you.”

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