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Stephen A. Smith Launches Scathing Attack on O.J. Simpson After Learning He Rejected Being Called Black


On Monday’s edition of First Take, sports journalists Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless discuss the premiere of the ESPN documentary O.J.: Made in America,  which delves into the infamous 199os murder case of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman as well as O.J. Simpson’s life.

In the 10-minute clip, Smith dives into Simpson’s relationship with the Black community. At the time, the Black community supported Simpson, even though he historically evaded any situation that would make him seem “Black.”

The sports journalist called the legendary University of Southern California running back a “sellout” for running way from the people who helped and loved him.

By the 9-minute mark, Smith dives into the trial that defined the decade.

“I believe the evidence was clear,” Smith said on his show ‘First Take.’ “[It] might be the cockiest thing I have ever said … [but] if it were me, there’s no way in hell Johnnie Cochran would have beaten me with that evidence that they had. I’m telling you right now — I’m not even a lawyer. There is no way that you would have put 12 jurors in front of me with that evidence and I would have lost.”

Smith said Simpson got off with murder and that the prosecution, led by Marcia Clark and Christopher Darden, mishandled the case.

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3 thoughts on “Stephen A. Smith Launches Scathing Attack on O.J. Simpson After Learning He Rejected Being Called Black

  1. I guess Stephen Smith never served on a jury before or he thinks like many White folks who get on juries and convict based on personal belief, not the evidence presented. The OJ Simpson case was riddled with REASONABLE DOUBT which means not guilty.

  2. So many of our African American men who marry Euro women buy into the theory that they are accpted by the larger euro culture.

  3. Mr. Smith you have your own issues that you need to work out!!

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