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Black Alabama Parents Fuming over Racist Math Quiz Highlighting Drive-by Shootings, Prostitutes and Drugs

A Mobile, Alabama parent is fuming over a 10-question math quiz her eighth grader took last Friday.

Erica Hall told reporters from Mobile’s Fox 10 that her son — who attends Burns Middle School — sent her a picture of the quiz as he was taking it. The picture revealed disturbing and graphic math word problems including:

“Leroy has 2 ounces of cocaine. If he sells an 8 ball to Antonio for $320 and 2 grams to Juan for $85 per gram, what is the street value of the rest of his hold?”

“Tyrone knocked up 4 girls in the gang. There are 20 girls in his gang. What is the exact percentage of girls Tyrone knocked up?”

Most of the questions revolved around topics such as prostitution, drugs and drive-by shootings.
Fox 10 reports that the teacher has been placed on administrative leave over the controversial quiz.

“They took it as a joke, and she told them that it wasn’t it a joke, and they had to complete it, and turn it in,” Hall said.

Since the incident, Hall and her husband went to the school to get answers.

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30 thoughts on “Black Alabama Parents Fuming over Racist Math Quiz Highlighting Drive-by Shootings, Prostitutes and Drugs

  1. Travis Dot Comm "substituting sneakers or app dowloads " GOOD POINT.

  2. Was this tacky, YES, I mean it took little imagination to come up with such crude lesson. Did it reach the kids it was desigen to motivate? Did the kids learn the math? Crude yes, but more cluless than racist, IMO.

  3. I would say racist..the same outcome could have been achieved by substituting sneakers or app dowloads if he was trying to "reach" a certain age group.

  4. Renee Hep says:

    No imagination the test has pop up since the 1990's, she is retiring and wants to show how little respects them and how she thinks we are all the same. Racist all are coming out they no longer want to hide.

  5. This is insane but I would still want to know if my children could do the maths! 🙂

  6. just normal day in hood

  7. Deo Evenodds says:

    Lol wtf.. this bitch watched the Wire and Dangerous Mindz and thought she was Teacher of the Year..

  8. Stan Hurling says:

    The teacher is trying to give students an opportunity of improving their grades with a question that students may understand.
    To assume this pertains to blacks is racist in itself. Not all people named Tyrone are blacks AND NOT all gang members are black.
    In one question is "Juan' mexican? Is Anotnio black or white ???
    The real question is How many got a correct answer, and did grades improve?

  9. Chis Bigrich says:

    I just think it's idiodic to expose and teach other people children an adult negative illegal scenario within the walls of a learning institution! I don't know but that teacher might need to be druged tested doing something that stupid! or put under a federal investagation, the teacher knew a lot about breaking 8 ball's down to grams?

  10. Crude? Yes..The question is…….did children reach the correct answer

  11. I seriously believe that this teacher knew her students and much of what they were exposed to in their daily lives. She wanted to make the questions relevant for the students. I would love to know the percentage of them that got the answers right. Hey, it's life and some of our students face a lot of stuff daily, might as well use it to help them learn.

  12. And you are funny!

  13. Jamz Ward says:

    Don't pretend like you don't know about the stereotypes.

  14. Kenneth Hobby
    Black Mental Health Crisis Hits Minor Roadblock as Study Reveals Therapists Less Likely to Accept African-American Patients

  15. January Ansa says:

    It's completely inappropriate PERIOD!

  16. Bobbi Clark says:

    It wasn't even a math teacher who gave it

  17. Stan Hurling says:

    January Ansa Because the question was too hard or too easy?

  18. Sandy Craig says:

    This is sad that we as minorities are taking this as a joke! What else are we willing to laugh at as they spit in our face? Must she don KKK attire before we get the picture?

  19. Uh Tyrone, Juan, and Antonio? Not Tyler, John, or Anthony? Gtfoh!!!!

  20. Greg Jones says:

    Everyone bitchin , but i bet 90% of the kids that took that test , PASS
    OMG pease dont expose my kids to real life sh!t

  21. If she is I feel bad for her children

  22. Nette Smith says:

    You can't be serious

  23. Kara Dorsey says:

    Because selling cocaine and "knocking up girls" in a grang is real life shit? You have GOT to be killing me. I teach in an urban high school with some young people who are involved in gangs, and I have and would NEVER utilize this method to reach them. My lessons are always engaging. My students grow and learn the necessary material, and I alway make their work relevent, not patronizing.

    Also, unless only black students attend this school, parents of other races who saw this test had to express outrage as well.

  24. Donovan Nicholson there have always been Black folk so asleep they dont see anything. Wake up!!!!!!

  25. I'm white and I think any person who believes this none sense or thinks that it is in any way appropriate for ANY student has done a lot more than drunk the proverbial kool aid. They've become dangerously cynical and uncaring or they're brain damaged!

  26. Stan Hurling You know better. Stop being a provocateur.

  27. Any Teacher that would give that Test to their Students should be fired for a lack of Common Sense! I would not want someone teaching children that did not have the sense to know that test is wrong for any Children and Teens!

  28. Respectable people would not know those things, unless they are involved in those kind of sales in order to know how to convert balls into grams, because there are no metric tables that refer to converting balls into grams, I'm supprise that a school is educating kids to be drug dealer and they're not put into jails. This invites an FBI investigation to verify what their motives are.

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