This is the Most Shameful Example of Mainstream Media Assaulting the Minds of Others Against Black Women’s Hair

A clip from the self-proclaimed girl-power cartoon Winx Club  recently went viral after a Black character was ostracized and made fun of for having natural hair.

In the 1-minute clip, the teenage fairies-in-training are in their dormitories when the Black character runs down the hallway screaming and frustrated because of her puffy hair.

The Black character has a large afro as a result of an apparent magical mishap. She even reminds her friends/classmates that it usually is straight. The white characters make fun of her, pet her hair, and pick on her as she runs around crying.

The Winx Club — which aired originally on Fox — has been on TV for seven seasons and now airs on Nickelodeon. It features a diverse group of super-powered female fairies and is a direct counter to many male action cartoons on TV.

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