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Atlanta Woman Bravely Reveals Damaging Impact Weaves and Braids Can Have on Black Women’s Hair

Facebook user Razor Chic of Atlanta Salon posted video of a client’s extreme hair loss due to poor hair maintenance, chemicals and improper hair installations.

In the minute-long clip, the beautician asks the young woman how and when she began to lose her hair. The client says she has been wearing sew-ins and braids since she graduated high school. She has used wigs to hide and cover the hair loss.

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7 thoughts on “Atlanta Woman Bravely Reveals Damaging Impact Weaves and Braids Can Have on Black Women’s Hair

  1. Jake Jordan says:

    Teach your daughters to love their hair. Teach your son to refuse any woman coming at him with some european hair.

  2. She didn't show what braids and weave can do to your. She bravely showed what happens when you FAIL to care for your hair and also showed why you can't trust everyone doing your hair. At what point did she say to herself okay I am losing hair left and right on my hairline ? Don't make the rest of us responsible for her own decision to not care for her hair or for the hairstylist (s) that took her money and didn't help her

  3. David Johns says:

    Our black sister`s should realise the long term problem they are storing up.
    I am proud of that lady who were willing to show the result,clearly she has a good head of hear before.Our black women should be proud of there natural self.Love your self and if a man love you for your plastic head of hear the he is as shallow as you are. I am sorry if I hurt your feelings,but look in the mirror and ask your self if you feel real. peace to all.

  4. Jackie Jones says:

    So sad I hope she can grow some of it back

  5. Kiara Marie says:

    No. Pigeon holing women into certain looks isn't any better.
    Teach you kids compassion. Across the board, for themselves and others. Teach them how to care for their hair (which means you too will have to learn) teach them to love their hair in all of the ways it can look.
    Teach your children how to support and encourage one another.
    Under the umbrella of compassion, teach them that all of this, the hiding and the fear isn't isolated. It's because of the world we live in.
    Give them the tools to see AND to combat the world.

  6. Sheda looked fine with a fro.

  7. Kiara Marie says:

    She should probably shave it all off and start from the begininng.

    On the plus side, she has the right face shape to be bald and not be given shit for it.

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