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Black Woman Disowns Mother Because She is Dark-Skinned, But Was Her ‘Judge Mablean’ Appearance Scripted for Ratings?


On a May episode of Justice with Judge Mablean, a light-skinned Black woman says her dark-skinned mother made her life a nightmare.

The 25-year-old Sandra Johnson is suing her mother, Annie Johnson, for $600 because she says her mother got her sent home from her job on a busy day.

In the clip, Sandra talks about her mother not treating her well as a child. She says that growing up with a dark mother was embarrassing and that all of her friends were white, not Black. The 25-year-old says that her life was hindered because she had a dark-skinned mother.

However, Atlanta Black Star has spotted a possible audition tape of the woman who claims to be Sandra Johnson.

Take a look below and judge for yourself:

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