Woman Sends Derogatory Email Concerning Tragic Death of High School Student, This Principal Had the Perfect Response

Alisha Coleman-Kiner, principal of Booker T. Washington High School in Memphis, TN.

Alisha Coleman-Kiner, principal of Booker T. Washington High School in Memphis, TN. Photo courtesy of Facebook

A Tennessee principal has made it clear that NO ONE messes with her students.

Following the tragic death of a student over the weekend, Booker T. Washington School principal Alisha Coleman-Kiner received a vile e-mail criticizing the student’s death and how school officials chose to honor that student at Saturday’s graduation ceremony.

According to Memphis’ Fox 13 news, 18-year-old Myneisha Johnson was shot and killed Sunday morning when someone fired a shotgun into a crowd of people. The Booker T. Washington High School student was just one week away from graduating.

Terry Johnson, Myneisha’s mother, told Fox 13 that the teen girl’s one-year-old son, Kylan, would walk the stage in his mother’s honor and accept her diploma.

Not everyone was thrilled about the decision though. On Tuesday, Coleman-Kiner posted the shady e-mail she received from someone named Kelly Griffin to her Facebook page Tuesday. It read:


















In true classy Black lady fashion, the Booker T. Washington principal delivered an even shadier read in her Facebook post. Coleman-Kiner opened her response to Griffin’s offensive e-mail with, “Open letter to the lady who judged my baby…” The high school principal ripped into Griffin, pointing out her spelling and grammar errors while quoting Bible verses along the way:

Open letter to the lady who judged my baby….

Good morning!

Thank you so much for your unsolicited ‘food’ for thought. After regurgitating the washback you just emailed (as it was definitely not ‘food’), I offer the following appetizer, entrée, and dessert for you to consider:

1. Never email a high school Principal, who is also an English teacher, without checking the grammar and spelling in said email. In case no one ever told you, these errors sincerely diminish your validity. ‪#‎2Timothy2‬:15‪#‎Study‬

2. Never send a formal email of rebuke without first “fact checking’ your claims. That’s something else your English teacher should have taught you. For example, who told you that no one knew who the father is? Where were you when he couldn’t stand under the grief on Sunday at the candlelight vigil? How surprised would you be to learn that both the paternal and maternal grandparents have been actively involved in this child’s life since he arrived? ‪#‎Proverbs6‬:16-19 ‪#‎Abominable‬

3. Stereotyping, as a persuasive device, is an ineffective use of propaganda that allows the person using the device to draw lines around groups of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ people. When you talk about people from the 3rd person point-of-view (‘the attitude and culture of the inner city youth needs…”), you turn those people into objects, which can then strip them of human rights. Side note: I had my first college degree and had been married for some years before I had my daughter, and, even I went out every now and then – without my child. How is it that you know that my student was an irresponsible parent, again? ‪#‎Deuteronomy10‬:18‪#‎GodDefends‬

4. Just in case you didn’t know, having a baby is NOT the sin. Pre-marital sex, if we’re counting, is the actual sin. God loves babies. In fact, whenever there is a problem in the world, HE sends a baby with the answer (i.e. Jesus). Because my student was such a great person, maybe God decided to use her as a conduit between her son and the world to provide an answer. That would help make sense (especially for me) of all of this foolishness. Side note: Pre-marital sex may not be YOUR sin, but it only takes one sin to send you to hell, and God never said that sin was only pre-marital sex, and HE loves babies.‪#‎Jeremiah1‬:5 ‪#‎Psalm8‬:2‪#‎PurposeInPain‬

5. You have NO idea how hard my student was working to overcome every single obstacle in her life. She worked a job every day, she kept her OWN baby (we had to ask her if we could keep him), she played on the basketball team, she did well in all of her Honor’s classes, she kept up with her younger siblings and made them come to school, and, most importantly, she NEVER missed one day of school. There are other issues that she had to deal with that I refuse to share, but just know that I know a whole slew of adults who would be in an insane asylum if they had to live with one tenth of her issues. ‪#‎Matthew12‬:36,37 ‪#‎EveryWord‬

6. This baby has only lived one year. He will NEVER know his mother. He will only have what we have shared, the videos that have been recorded, and what people have written to begin to understand the love she had for him. We WILL add this to his treasure chest of memories. ‪#‎Matthew25‬:40‪#‎WeLoveKylan‬

7. Because SEVEN is the number of completion, and symbolically the number of days my student had left to walk across the stage when her life was AGGRESSIVELY snatched away from her, my last point is: Stay. In. Your. Lane. This sweet baby meant too much to me for me to remain professional if I receive any more emails from judgmental folk who sit in the air looking “down” on folk they don’t deserve to sit next to.‪#‎Matthew7‬:1 ‪#‎AlishaKiner‬ ‪#‎NotInTheMood‬

Let’s hope Griffin hears the high school principal’s “Don’t come for my students” message loud and clear.

Per Fox 13, Myneisha Johnson will be laid to rest Friday at the R.S. Lewis & Son’s Funeral Home.

“She ain’t gonna be buried in her dress. I’m going to bury her in her cap and gown,” said Myneisha’s father, Zachary Green. ”

18-year-old Myneisha Johnson holding her son Kylan.

18-year-old Myneisha Johnson holding her son Kylan.

“It’s hard, it’s hard you know,” he continued. “This is the second daughter I lost. I lost one from cancer and now I got this one here. I really ain’t just got over the first one.”

Myneisha’s sudden death also shook her mother to her core. Johnson told the news station that she doesn’t know how she’ll tell her one-year-old grandson that his mother is never coming home.

“It’s hard,” Johnson said. “I can’t do it anymore.”

According to police, 19-year-old Kwasi Corbin admitted to shooting a rifle toward the crowd of teens that morning, ultimately killing Myneisha. He’s now charged with first degree murder, attempted murder, and a weapon’s offense, Fox 13 reports. The accused shooter is due on court May 31.

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