Hate Crimes on the Rise – Black Ohio Man Retells Horror Story of Two White Men Attacking Him in Broad Daylight


A Toledo Black man is in shock after two white men beat him with a broomstick in board daylight last week. Since the incident, the two men have been arrested and charged with felonious assault.

According to 47-year-old victim Adrian Williams’ interview with Ohio’s ABC 13, the suspects Charles Edward Butler and Robert Paschalis drove their pickup truck near him and turned around, got out and attacked the victim.

“Two guys pulled up in a pickup truck and called me a f*g. Then they rode down this way like they were about to turn around,” Williams told reporters. “The two [men] jumped out of the truck and called me a racial slur. They called me the N word. When he jumped out I grabbed a bat out of my truck hoping that they would back up and go about their business.

Williams told ABC 13 that he never seen these men before.

“The guy was just pounding on my head,” said Williams.

The assailants left a variety of bruises on his body in addition to fracturing his eye socket. Williams tells reporters that he was saved because others intervened.

“The guys at the rim shop came down. A blessing from God. They came down and told them they had to leave him alone.”

The suspects will have a hearing sometime next month.

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