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This Young Atlanta Scholar’s Touching Story of Perseverance Is Inspiring and Incredible

An Atlanta graduating senior has triumphed over a multitude of trials and tribulations to achieve top honors in high school.

Booker T. Washington High School student Nia Peace Duncan, 18, was only 14 when she was placed in foster care. The young teen was then separated from her 8- and 10- year- old siblings. She tells Atlanta’s Fox 5 news about her incredible story. Here is an excerpt of her interview:   

“The world doesn’t stop just because you suddenly got thrown into foster care. The world doesn’t stop because your dad went to jail or just because someone you hold dear is now deceased. Life just keeps going on after something bad happens and you have to do the same thing.

In ninth grade, I was definitely feeling sorry for myself. I was angry and couldn’t understand why this was happening to me and my family, but by 10th grade I just realized I had to get over it and I knew getting a college education would be my only way out of this.

The thing that motivated me was that I knew I had to be a good example for my little brother and sister. I didn’t want them to think this was the end. I didn’t want them to fall into the statistics that kids in foster care fall into. I had to graduate and I had to show them we can go to college for free.”

While in school, she joined a variety of academic and extracurricular activities including chorus, student government and Future Business Leaders of America.

Nia’s hard work and diligence has earned her $700,000 worth of scholarships, including the prestigious Gates Scholarship.

The young woman will attend Brandeis University in Massachusetts this fall.

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