Watch: Texas Sixth-Grader Shares Troubling Details of Finding Severe Rope Burns Around Her Neck After A Camping Trip

The family of a 12-year-old Waco, Texas girl —who returned home from a camping trip with rope burns around her neck— is still searching for answers about what happened.

Atlanta Black Star reported that Sandy Rougely was shocked to see that her 12-year-old daughter had extreme rope burns around her neck after coming home on April 28. In the video interview above, the Live Oak Classical School student told The Dallas Morning News that she was swinging on a rope swing at the camp.

She tells the reporter that she got tired from pulling the swing and the rope ended up around her neck.

The young girl said she watched three boys pull the rope while it was around her neck; choking her and creating the burns.

The sixth-grader managed to get the rope off her neck and then questioned the three boys she accused of pulling the rope. They told her that they would not do something like that. However, the girl’s family suspects foul play.

The family filed a personal injury lawsuit against the Live Oak Classical School because they believe this was a racially motivated incident.

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