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Tamron Hall Battles it Out With Bernie Sanders Supporter on ‘Trump-Like’ Behavior at Nevada Convention


On today’s edition of MSNBC Live, host Tamron Hall and former Ohio State Senator Nina Turner get into a heated exchange over violent Bernie Sanders supporters in Nevada and his similarities to presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Hall tries to get to the bottom of who may have been responsible for shooting up candidate Sanders’ campaign office in Nevada. The passionate Sanders supporter Turner did not blame Clinton supporters for the violence or the destruction at the office. However, she believes that the ball has been dropped by Democratic party officials.

Turner deflects and says that when she was in the Nevada venue she did not see any violence. Even though she did not see it herself, she condemns the supporters throwing chairs. Turner also states that supporters are not children and they must be responsible for their actions.

The host manages to tie this incident and the violence to the many incidents at Trump rallies.

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One thought on “Tamron Hall Battles it Out With Bernie Sanders Supporter on ‘Trump-Like’ Behavior at Nevada Convention

  1. She can't prove who shot up Sander's office = No one can prove who left those voice mails, threw chairs, scared old Barbie, or who told the MSNBC hosts to start perpetuating Clinton and the DNC's lies abut the Sander's campaign. I know these hosts are payed far more than they are worth. They know it, too. And they either don't want for fat ol'Rodger Ailes, or he won't hire'em.

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