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Fox’s Upcoming ‘Shots Fired’ Flips the Script on Unarmed Black Deaths – Now a White Guy is the Victim



Sanaa Lathan is starring in an upcoming cable drama that follows the investigation of a Black police officer accused of shooting a white man after a Black teen’s murder is overlooked. “Shots Fired” is inspired by the #BlackLives Matter movement and numerous deaths of unarmed African-Americans at the hands of white cops.

Shadow and Act reports the 10-part series will have hour-long episodes that examine the criminal justice system.

“Shots Fired” revolves around a team of African-American investigators — Ashe Akino (played by Lathan) and Preston Terry (Stephan James). The pair looks into Black deputy Joshua Belk (Tristan Wilds), who shot and killed an unarmed white man. As the white victim receives heavy media coverage, the small North Carolina town also deals the murder of a Black teen that had been ignored. The investigators review both racially charged incidents, and a series of cover-ups are revealed.

Several well-known faces of the town are pulled into the mix, including the governor who is seeking re-election, and a private prison owner. Those roles are played by Helen Hunt and Richard Dreyfus, respectively.

Lathan teased the special event on her Twitter page Monday as she traveled to Fox‘s Upfronts presentation, where television stars meet advertisers and press for their shows.

She explained in a follow-up video that the series was inspired by the “racial tensions and police shootings and deaths of African-Americans in our country.”

In December, “Shots Fired” was looking to skip right to the series stage instead of going the usual pilot route where networks test the waters with new shows. The series is written and executive produced by African-American husband-and-wife team Gina Prince-Bythewood and Reggie Rock Bythewood. The former will direct the show. She previously teamed up with Lathan on the 2000 film Love & Basketball, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

View the trailer for the series, premiering in the 2016-2017 TV season, below.

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