Marc Lamont Hill Perfectly Articulates Why George Zimmerman is Back in the News as Auction is Canceled

Last night, George Zimmerman announced in an interview with Fox News affiliate WOGX that he planned to auction off the 9mm pistol that killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in 2012. Now, the auction company has canceled that sale entirely since morning.

CNN political commentator and academic Marc Lamont Hill captures the national sentiment after the announcement in an interview with New Day.

Hill stated that:

“George Zimmerman does not want this to go away,” Hill said. “He wants to see more anger, more rage, more pain, and we know that because when you look at his internet activity, when you look at his social media activity in particular, the statements he’s made over the years, he consistently pokes at the same national wound.”

The commentator compares the outlandish decision to sell the murder weapon to that of the Nicole Brown Simpson murder case in 1994:

“Imagine if O.J. Simpson decided to start a line of steak knives right after the unfortunate killings in the 90s,” Hill said. “Of course he could have done it… but it would have been insensitive and mean.”

The sale was canceled because of the onslaught of social media and national backlash.

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