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Conservative Commentator Uses Tired ‘Black-on-Black’ Crime in Defense of Zimmerman, Gets Nicely Dragged by These Two Attorneys

On Thursday’s night edition of HLN’s Dr. Drew, guest commentator Crystal Wright goes into a slanderous rant saying that Trayvon Martin’s parents are the reason for his death all the while defending George Zimmerman.

The heated discussion between three commentators happened in the aftermath of Zimmerman’s gun sale. This week the former neighborhood watchmen sold the gun that was used to kill Martin for an estimated 140,000.

Wright begins the clip saying that Martin’s parents were out enjoying their lives the night the 17-year-old was killed by Zimmerman. According to her, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin did not raise him right and that they are responsible for his death; not Zimmerman.

The rant began to wander off into traditional conservative talking points. Wright dismisses the Black Lives Matter movement, discuss Black-on-Black crime in Chicago and Philadelphia all in an attempt to defend Zimmerman.

However, none of this sat well with attorneys Yodit Tewolde or Mark Geragos. Tewolde points out his numerous arrests for domestic violence and disputes in order to show that Zimmerman is not worth defending.

She also states that his behavior is indicative that he did not have good parenting.

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4 thoughts on “Conservative Commentator Uses Tired ‘Black-on-Black’ Crime in Defense of Zimmerman, Gets Nicely Dragged by These Two Attorneys

  1. Jose Garcia says:

    That conservative lady is an idiot. What if someone killed her son and they profited off it. Damn America is losing moral quickly

  2. I guess Ms Wright has no problem with Zimmerman's parents having raised a murderer.

  3. This sounds like the delusional jusitification Zimmerman must have remembered from his therapist sessions. He is projecting. Big time. Everything said is what is true for himself. And that's typical of whites, period. Master projectionists.

  4. Cheryl Jones says:

    Notice that no one ever mentions the fact that Zimmerman got into an altercation wth an officer. Or that his wife called the cops on him. Oh yeah that never happened. Anyone who says this is not about race is a liar.

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