‘Kare Bags’: Young California Girl Creates, Supplies Toiletry Kits for Homeless People in Her Community

Khloe Thompson, 9, poses with recipients of her Kare Bags. Photo courtesy of Instagram.

Khloe Thompson, 9, poses with recipients of her Kare Bags. Photo courtesy of Instagram.

A 9-year-old girl from Southern California is paying it forward by creating bags full of toiletries for the homeless people in her community.

Little Khloe Thompson began her philanthropic initiative after encountering a number of homeless women on her way to school, Upworthy reports. She explained to the publication that she would ask her mom, “What can I do to help?” And from there, Khloe Kares was born.

Per her website, the mission of Khloe Kares is to serve others no matter how old or young you are, “proving that age has nothing to do with impacting the world.”

With the help of her grandmother, each Kare Bag, as they’re called, is designed and hand-sewn. Khloe said she wanted the bags to be sturdy enough to last the women a long time, according to Upworthy. The bags are then stuffed with essential toiletries like hand sanitizer, tooth paste, feminine products, deodorant, wet wipes, soap and wash cloths. When that’s all finished, Khloe and her mother deliver the kits to homeless women.

Khloe said the women are joyful upon receiving the bags.

“[The women] react, like, really happy,” Khloe said on the talk show “The Real.” “And they give me hugs and say, ‘Thank you.’ ”

But Khloe’s charitable efforts don’t stop there. According to The Huffington Post, she has started a GoFundMe page to get more projects done along with her Kare Bags. So far she has managed to raise $3,600 and hopes to reach her goal of $10,000 in two weeks. She plans to use the funds to get her initiative, Khloe Kares, registered as a 501(c)3, the publication reports.

So what’s her next big project? Giving toys to children in group homes, End2.com reports. According to the Khloe Kares website, the toy drive will collect dolls, trucks and other items for the kids to play with.

At her young age, Thompson understands that “other kids may not have the same privileges as her” and so she decided to give back.

“I believe that love is a blessing, and that’s why I love to do things for other people, and help people in need,” Khloe said.

An upcoming Khloe Kares charity event includes a day of volunteering at Temple Beth Israel Church on May 15.

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