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700 People Want in on Prince’s 300M Fortune, Sinead O’Connor Has Foul, Disgusting Response to Arsenio Hall’s Libel Suit


Hundreds of people have come forward claiming they are entitled to Prince’s multi-million dollar fortune, as Sinead O’Connor wrote a Facebook post blasting Arsenio Hall’s defamation lawsuit.

Prince died without establishing a will, leaving it up to his estate administrator to manage his assets. Prince’s sister, Tyka Nelson and his five half-siblings have left Bremer Trust to manage his estate, which includes $300 million in assets.

Seven-hundred people have called Harvey Morse’s genealogical services office claiming to be related to Prince.

“Our phone has been ringing off the hook. I would say we have received between 600 and 700 calls,” said Morse. “But 99.99 percent of the claims we can discount from the first phone call.”

The phone calls to Morse, who is the lead investigator in charge of searching for Prince’s surviving relatives, occurred as a result of a ruling in Minnesota May 6. Judge Kevin Eide signed off for DNA testing to be used in determining sibling or child relations of would-be heirs.

Court documents reveal that “parentage issues might arise and that timing can be seen of concern when conducting genetic testing.” It continues, stating Bremer Trust will “take all reasonable and necessary actions to analyze the decedent’s blood sample, including but not limited to conducting genetic testing of decedent’s blood.”

It is likely that the fortune will be split among Nelson and the Purple One’s half-siblings.

As the fate of Prince’s estate is established, O’Connor responded to a libel lawsuit relating to her claims that Hall gave the late icon drugs.

Atlanta Black Star reported that O’Connor claimed Hall should be investigated for his influence on Prince. Hall’s suit called those claims “fabricated lies” and noted her “bizarre, unhinged Internet rants.”

The singer fired back on Facebook. Referring to the suit as “threats,” she called the whole thing “laughable.” She also claims the Drug Enforcement Administration is investigating many of Prince’s associates from the past 30 years about the late performer’s “known history of hard drug use.” O’Connor signs off by telling Hall he can “suck my d—. That is if he isn’t too busy sucking someone else’s d—.”

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