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9 Internationally Acclaimed Black Dance Companies Besides Alvin Ailey

Deeply Rooted Rehearsals and Performance Thursday October 26 2006. Photo courtesy of

Deeply Rooted Rehearsals and Performance, Thursday, October 26, 2006. Photo courtesy of

Deeply Rooted Dance Theater (Chicago)
According to their official website, DRDT is Chicago’s premier contemporary dance theater rooted in the African-American aesthetic. The company performs pieces from esteemed choreographers, tours nationally and internationally, and produces two seasons each year in Chicago. The dance theater was founded on the mission of re-imagining and transforming the “aesthetics of contemporary dance by bringing together modern, classical, and African-American traditions in dance.”


Dancers from the Dimensions Dance Theater. Photo courtesy of

Dancers from the Dimensions Dance Theater. Photo courtesy of

Dimensions Dance Theater (Oakland, California)
Dimensions Dance Theater is known for its performances which display “both traditional dances and contemporary choreography drawn from African, Jazz, and Modern dance idioms.” The company’s unique and diverse repertoire adds to its notoriety for innovative movement. DDT has traveled to many countries around the world including Nigeria, Cuba, Jordan, Germany and Zimbabwe. Per their website, the company has also become largely recognized for its cross cultural and issues-oriented partnerships, “bridging cultural, racial, and ethnic differences through the arts.” 

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