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Rapper YG Gets a Visit From the Feds After Saying This About Donald Trump



The Secret Service has been keeping their eyes on YG. The rapper said the government agency contacted his record label after his song, “F*** Donald Trump” was released earlier this month.

At Los Angeles International Airport on April 25, TMZ asked YG if there had been any negative response to the anti-Trump song.

“The Secret Service holla’d at the label,” he told the website. “They asked to see the lyrics to my album. Because if I’m talking about [Trump] on my album, they’re going to try to take it off the shelves.”

The political video featuring Nipsey Hussle was shot April 4, according to TMZ. It was later shut down by the Los Angeles Police Department. The cops dispersed the crowd in riot gear as people chanted, “f— Donald Trump” on the South LA set. Police supposedly did not know it was a music video shoot. They responded to a call about racing cars and a crowd that gathered to watch. The video would ultimately be released on April 18.

The clip for “FDT” opens with a message that reads, “As young people with an interest in the future of America… we have to exercise our intelligence and choose who leads us into it wisely. 2016 will be a turning point in this country’s history… the question is… in which direction will we go?”

It continues, saying the last eight years have demonstrated an “upward evolution in western political principles” and that prison reform brought “family and neighbors of ours” home. For those reasons, the clip urges viewers to “register asap and choose wisely” during the next election.

YG tells TMZ the song is meant to “touch the people.” He reiterates the video’s message saying, “we tryna motivate, get all the young people to vote, you feel me? Go really take your time out and vote on who should be in office cause it’s important, you feel me? If not, it can be all bad for us.”

Watch YG’s interview below.

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